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Samoa Still Needs A Home!

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I've been so patient, trying to not bug Judi. But I finally sent her a quick hello, and she wrote back.
Still looking for a home for our boy. The people who live in the country would like to have him, but the coyotes have gotten their other cats and they are afraid the same thing will happen to him. Will keep you posted.
That's the relevant part, anyway.

Does anybody want to adopt him? Having done all the research for Booger, I can get him shipped! Poor Samoa!

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I can't believe this- I thought for sure he would have a home by now. I wish I didn't live clear on the other side of the country.
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I am sorry, for the frustration your going through. It seams like I have come in at the tail end of this but what other means/resourses have you explored?
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Sorry I have missed all of this, I've been away for many months.

Is this an outdoor only cat, as in one that can not be reabilitated?
Or is that family allergic to cats and will only let them live outdoors?
If neither apply, tell them to keep the cat indoors, and no coyotes will eat the poor furbabe.

Got of a picture of the little buggar?
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Anne (Founder and Webmaster of TCS) occasionally posts news articles about cats either in the Lounge or in the Ferals Forum. An Amarillo, TX journalist wrote a terrible story about a cat he named Osama Bin Laden that was terrorizing his neighborhood. The thread is here:

Trapping Osama (it's a sticky in the feral forum).

TCS pulled together and let that guy know what we though of his article. I made arrangements to get the cat trapped by a local woman. Many, Many people on TCS worked with Anne to search for journalists across the country in order to e-mail news of what turned out to be a wonderful story of the Internet pulling people together to save a life.

But there is one missing piece - getting Samoa adopted!

If anyone is seriously interested in adopting him, please PM me or e-mail me. I will make arrangements (and pay for) transport. I wish I had a house so I could adopt the guy myself!!!

(In the end he was a stray and already neutered - he wasn't even feral. He's a sweetheart of a guy, and all of the people at CritterCamp, his temporary home, love him).

The "rest" of the Samoa story was posted in the Lounge:

We Caught Samoa!!!

...and to go directly to the picture of Samoa, use this link:

Picture of Samoa is a couple posts down on this page
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...oh, I should mention. Gary and I made arrangements with Judi so that Samoa can live out his life at CritterCamp if need be (there was concern because CritterCamp is affiliated with a kill-shelter). And although it seems like a wonderful place


it just doesn't replace his freedom or a loving home.

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LDG - what does 'bump' mean?
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As people post, the threads move down the line. This post had fallen onto the second page (and actually I couldn't find it at all except with a search - somehow it had completely disappeared, because it wasn't where it should have been given the last post at the time. It was really strange).

If someone wants to keep a thread on the first page or up near the top so it doesn't get lost, we just "bump" it back up there!

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I got an e-mail from Judi tonight. PLEASE keep Samoa in your prayers - he may have found a home! Judi's chiropracter contacted her - he and his wife would like to adopt Samoa. They're going to pick him up after they're back from the Thanksgiving holiday.

This may just FINALLY have a happy ending!
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OH! that is just so wonderful! He will be in my prayers tonight that he gets a good home with those people. Oh I am so happy to hear this news!
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That is so fantastic! Furrever Home thoughts and tons of cyber scritches going to Samoa! After everything he's been though, he sure deserves a wonderful home with lots of love, food, and warmth.
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That is GREAT news!!!!!! I hope these people do adopt him!!! I was just going to post that I would adopt him if he could be shipped here, but I was a bit worried, since he would have to be an outdoors cat, that he might take off. We have a farm, and not much traffic on the road, so most of my cats are outdoors and they love it here, but I would be afraid, that since he is new, he might not have stayed here.
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Samoa's in his furrever home!!!! Apparently he's been there for some time and Judi's just been to busy to let me know.

I got a note from her today - he's happily settled in and his new people love him!!!

There was just that final piece to put in place - and it's there, it fits, and we have a truly happy ending!!!!!

...and it coincides with Christy's and my sites being "up." Well - work in progress, but on the Web!

In honor of Samoa, we decided on the name Save Samoa! The site will host rescue stories (submit yours!!) to honor the kitties and all the work people do to save them. The sister-site, will host research, related links and advocacy material for people who want their local communities to support trap-neuter-release programs and/or low-cost spay neuter programs!

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Laurie that is so great! The little guy didn't know that his angels came from so far away as you and Gary. He had prayers and thoughts coming to him from all over the world, how could he lose?

Love your sites! Great job to you and Christy!! Let us know when there are updates on your site. One minor suggestion...on the Gallery page, you may want to put the names and locations of the cats, and if they are looking for furrever homes still or not (I know the kitties up there now are not, but it may not be a bad way for you to advertise your other kittens who still need homes )
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Thanks Heidi - done! We're not going to post pics of cats that need adopting, but I did stick in captions. I'd just tossed the pics in for intermin content - lazy. Now they've got at least a little bit of info!

Still have to write Samoa's story and get it up!!!!

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Oh I'm soooo glad Samoa found a home. I was concidering adopting him but then I seen that he found a home. I'm glad for him. He is such a beauty!

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That's such a lovely happy ending for a beautiful cat. It could've all gone so horribly pear-shaped for Samoa but I am so glad he has a home and family to call his own now.
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I love the Christmas pic of Samoa. Hard to believe that handsome fellow was once considered a dangerous fugitive.
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I am so happy he has found his forever home! He deserves some love and happiness!
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This is such wonderful news!!!! Samoa will have a Merry Christmas after all!!! The work you and Christy have done is just awesome!!!!!
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I am so glad that there is a happy ending. I am so happy Samoa has found a home and a family.

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