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Cammies Checkup

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Everything looks really good The Vet said all the blood work looks very good. The creatinine <<< I think that's right ) went down again from 2.4 to 2.1 and the bun went up a tad from 19 to 22 All the Girls that work there said Wow she really looks good
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What good news you must be so pleased.
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Lois, That's awesome YAY Cammie
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Lois, that's SUPER! Give your sweet girl a scritch for me.
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She's a bit annoyed at me this evening And will probably end up annoying me here shortly when I have to give her a pill because I don't much feel like crawling under my bed to get her I hurt my back this morning, plus she hates those steroid shots but he convinced that they do a lot of good for them but it makes her little leg sore Shes so good when I take her.
The girls that work there are so Sweet and kind, when the girl came to get her to take the blood, I told her if you could be mean just a minute more when you have her back there could you cut her nails She said of Course I can. So the vet told me to see how things go and if I feel I need to bring her back to do that before the next appointment, and she didn't even need hydrating either, those fountains are great.
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That's great news!
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YEAH! this is fantastic news!
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Yay!! We like good news!!
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