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help please

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my cat has started in labour and about an inch of the sack is coming out , its been there for about 15 mins is that normally. she is still straining . thanks louise x
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she has finally given birth to one but its been 1 hour since how long normally inbetween can it be. thanks
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I'm not sure about how long it can be. But does she appear to be strainging or pushing? or just calm? She could just have one, I would say to keep a really close eye on her
Hopefully someone experiicanced will come along here.
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there is defiatley more there she is still straning about every 5 mins . purring like mad so happy . so just dont no how long it will take inbetween .thanks for your reply
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im hoping that all is fine now , sorry i was not on all day. the straining every 5 mins sounded like her contractions starting again for the second kitten . some cats can go a few hours in between birthing kittens, as long as the straing isnt constant for more then 20 mins then all should be fine , if not then please phone you vet. i hope everything went well , please do update us .
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hi tasha posted on other post about the birth she has had 4 lovely healthy kittens all suckling well . 3 blue and white tabbies and one pure white. they are lovely ill post pics tommorow im so tried tonight and with how long it took me last time i need to have a clear head. thanks for your reply. louise xx
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THANK YOU for finally calling the "grey" cats the proper color.....BLUE

And it can vary between births - mine have been as close as 15-20 mins or as much as 3 hrs apart
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