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'beer gut'??????

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DH and I have been noticing Luxor having a 'saggy' beer-gutish belly. He eats fine and the normal amount, he's been to the vet and for his check up the vet looked him over and felt his tummy and everything was normal.

I was just wondering if this an egyptian mau thing, or something else.
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I've seen fixed male & female cats that get the "pouch" between their back legs. In a female, its where she's spayed. I call it the "udder". It is completely normal!
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thank GOD i thought i was going insane thinking about bringing him back to the vet for this.......will it go away? Is it an eating thing or a hormone thing?
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I guess I think of it as a "normal" thing! Some cats get the udder, some don't. There's not much you can do about it. It's just something that happens.
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i feel like i did something wrong !!!!!!!!!
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Both my male cats have this.
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Tailer and Forest both have it...Harvey doesn't.
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does anyone know 'why' this happens? it's pretty funny lookin.
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Flyaway belly, or little pouch.
My overweight girl has it, I always thought that is why because she could use to lose a lot of weight.
My younger skinny kitty does not have it, she is spayed.
But I am really trying to watch her diet.

Since my overweight girl went on a wet food diet, her fur looks bad but the pouch is slowly lessening.
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Uhm...if it is what Ferris only got worse.

Saggy, baggy belly boy. That's my golden child.
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It's normal, and contrary to popular opinion, it has absolutely nothing to do with being spayed/neutered. Cats are creatures that in nature fight over territory and mates, and the lower abdomen, unlike the chest area which has ribs, has no skeletal covering protecting the organs - so they develop a pad of fat over the lower abdomen, so that if teeth or claws sink into that area the intestines are protected.

It is perfectly normal for ALL species that are prone to territorial fighting involving potential abdominal attack to develop an extra layer of fat at that vulnerable area. It usually first develops in cats between 8 - 15 months old, depending on how fast the breed/type develops, slower maturing cats will be slower to get the extra pad of fat.

When cats get overweight though, they will deposit fat in that area first (since the cells there are already 'designed' for fat storage), but if you are seeing this for the first time and he's young and active, I doubt that he's overweight, he's just maturing.
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That's very interesting Epona. Thanks.

Beandip has that..but it doesn't really show when he's standing. It shows when he rolls over on his back though. I think it's cute . I think all of my cats have it to some extent, it's just more obvious on some.
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Now I did not know that Epona!!!

My chubby bum Twitch has extra skin everywhere, but has never been fat. Is actually 9.4 lbs. Her "udder" drags on the ground for the most part.
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Oscar has a saggy baggy belly too......he's a VERY good eater
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Thanks Epona! I learn something new here every day. Bella has a heck of a swag, but it's empty skin as far as I can tell. It does make her look kind of stocky, but if you put your hand on it (if you dare that is) it's soft baggy skin.

Stan doesn't have one, but he's young and a slow developing breed, so I'll be watching for it.
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yeah, luxor is 11 months old this month. i just noticed it since april. i hope it doesn't sag to the floor. it is just like you said, saggy soft skin that seems empty. I can't see it when he runs but when he sits stands or lays - yup it's there.....
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