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Science Diet Nature's Best

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Anyone have any experience or knowledge of this new food? I already use regular Science Diet. Is it worth changing over to?
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I talked to one of the Science Diet Reps at the Pet Expo a few weekends ago. I asked him the same question. The answer I got (which was pretty dang honest) was that the only reason they came out with it, was because of the "all natural" fad. He said there's not a big difference other than the it's naturally preserved, and it's got veggies in it. We decided to stay with what the cats seem to like
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Figures. I got a $5 off coupon, but of course, it's only good for the new stuff. I hate it when companies do that. You'd think thye'd be happy I was spending $ on any of their products, period. Great to hear that it's only a marketing gimic.......
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One of the ways I get coupons for food I actually use, was to register at www.sciencediet.com I get all kinds of stuff via mail and e mail. I usually hate signing up for these things, but when you are feeding 17 cats, every little bit helps
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i'm not sure it's actually a "natural fad" - i saw a news brief on the local NBC channel here and i did more research into what i learned - the non-natural foods have a lot of really bad things in them. the news said that there are dead, dying, diseased animals in the pet food (animals not fit for human consumption). there were also traces of penobarbital in the pet foods (from euthanized animals), traces of flea collars, traces of the styrofoam from the meat from supermarkets past its "sell by" date...there are a LOT of terrible things, and if they're not good for our bodies, they certainly aren't good for our kitties' bodies.
so, you may want to do a bit of research. i was shocked to learn what i'm putting in my little darlings' bodies. i've switched to wellness brand (a natural food with only human-grade ingredients) - before making my decision, i looked into innova, natural balance, natural choice, felidae, royal canin and flint river ranch. those are the best on the market - and they aren't more expensive than the science diet that my girls were on before - just better for them!
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I just want to ask one question for those who are worried about what kind of meat goes into the food. How do you know that these natural brand food companies aren't doing the same thing? There is no real proof either way, just a few random tests and hear-say.
It's great if you like the idea of all natural foods,I have never knocked them in any way. I even tried to give it to my cats at one time, and more than half of them couldn't tolerate it. I am sure I would be shocked if I really knew whats in half the stuff I eat, but I eat it anyway.
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That's a good point about what's going into the 'natural' foods that are out there. How do we know for sure they are what they say they are? I was thinking of switching my cats over to a natural food but hate to mess with the fact that they eat well on the regular Science Diet they're on, maybe when my 5 month old gets older I'll be more willing to do some experimenting. Does anyone know of a good source to find out for sure about these brands?
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Yeah, I would be curious to know if there's an honest company or source that you could get that info from. Aside from going to the factory, I don't see how the consumer could really know.
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Isn't that the truth? From what I have heard and read, the food we as humans eat is a big mystery too. Recently I read something about the chicken that we are eating is nothing like the chicken our forefathers ate, due to all of the hormones and stuff given to the animals. Although.....in earlier days there was not too much regulation over what went on in the food production factories. My brother took a class in college where the professor told him that the original reason that bottled foods, like Heinz ketchup, had that small label around the neck of the bottle was so that the consumer couldn't see the maggots that had floated to the top. Hope you weren't eating, or planning to, when you read that!
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Wouldn't you notice the maggots anyway when you opened it and used it? Yuck!!

Personally I think Science Diet, regular or the natural, is a rip off. They both have a lot of fillers. I prefer to pay more for the pound, and have more digestible food per pound.

Petco has a food called Natural Balance that has worked wonders for us. The cats love it, even my super picky Poppy who would starve herself to death rather than eat something she doesn't like! It's a good price and I find it lasts me a lot longer than any of the other foods we have tried. Poppy's fur has gotten much plusher since we've used it, and finally she's a little more than skin and bones. And it's made by the dad from 8 is Enough, which cracks me up.
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