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Wow thats annoying.
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@ Paulie and the cat!

Will there be a movie? Hmmm James Gandolfini probably wouldn't be interested....
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One of my friends is a HUGE Sopranos fan and she has broken it down this way:

Tony is dead.
In the first episode of this season when Bobby and Tony are at the lake house in a boat, they talk about what being shot must be like. Bobby says, "you probably don't even hear it when it happens right?".

The second to last episode (the one before this) at the very end, Tony is holding the gun Bobby gave him in that episode and flashes back to that scene of Bobby, again saying, "you probably don't even hear it when it happens right?".

Four times in the final scene, Tony hears the door open. Each time, the bell jingles, camera shows Tony looking up, then it switches to his perspective.

The 5th time this happens, it is Meadow walking through the door. The door jingles, camera shows Tony looking up and then switches to his perspective, which is black because he has just been shot in the head.

She also sent me a long winded explanation of who each and every person in the restaurant was and how it all goes back to Tony's past. I didn't ask her how many times she watched it.

Interesting theory.
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Your friend is much more into the series than I am. But here's another bit that lends credence to her theory, at least that everyone who came in was connected to Tony...

So the point would have been that life continues and we may never know the end of the Sopranos. But if you pay attention to the history, you will find that all the answers lie in the characters in the restaurant. The trucker was the brother of the guy who was robbed by Christopher in Season 2. Remember the DVD players? The trucker had to identify the body. The boy scouts were in the train store and the black guys at the end were the ones who tried to kill Tony and only clipped him in the ear (was that season 2 or 3?).
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Originally Posted by Cinder View Post
I heard they shot alternate endings. Maybe one of the others is better...
I may have to eat those words.

AbbysMom, if your friend is correct in theory, then that is an impressive piece of writing. I've seen about half the episodes overall, and DH more than that, but nowhere near 100%. An ending where only those completely devoted to the series get it, is not necessarily bad, it just leaves everyone else going "huh?".

Some of the final episodes of shows I've liked have been so lame that I wish the power had gone off before they aired. (Farscape comes to mind) Others you always remember, like MASH. I guess making you think is not a BAD thing, but many viewers want to see it spelled out.

RIP Tony.
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An interesting read, and one that does answer some of the rumors:

David Chase doesn't answer the all-consuming question of whether or not Tony is killed, but he does answer some others:

There is no plan for a Sopranos movie.

The people in the cafe were not flashbacks to past characters.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I had to rewind, I thought I had missed something maybe they are saving it for a movie?
soooo disappointing..... I just wish they would've picked one... either he lives or he dies.... one or the other.... don't let me guess?!
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There should have been an seemed to me they just couldn't think of how to end it. Disappointing. I'm sure David Chase knew how everyone was going to react, and enjoyed everyone talking about it....
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I have to agree with one thing he said (I heard in another interview), basically, he said he can't get engaged in somethere where everything is spoon fed to him - but something that makes him think about what happened, that's engaging.

And for the kitty in the episode, here's a GREAT pic:

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The cat was suposed to probably quash rumors of Paulie ever being boss.....he's so paranoid, and believes every superstition. I laughed when Tony walked in just as he was going to shoe the kitty with the broom! He knew Tony would get on him if he saw it because of his love for animals...LOL
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Here's an interesting article with excerpts from an interview with David Chase, who is trying to promote his book that is coming out.
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