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Why kitties make us happy

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Do your kitties make you feel happy even when you are sick? If they do please post stories here. I have been sick the past week but today I feel better. First I took a nap with a purring kitten for a couple hours. Then little bit later I went to blow my nose and all of a sudden Jainy pops out of the Kleenex box. I had no idea that she could get in there, but she somehow squeezed her whole body into the box and climbed out as though nothing happened. If your cats have done something silly like this (or not like this) please post it I (and others I'm sure) would love to hear some silly stories.
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I feel like my girls are losers today! They didn't do anything wild or crazy over the weekend - well, Mollie pooped outside the litter box (she doesn't like cedarific) does that count? Sophie has been so sweet and cuddly and making funny sounds while she plays with herself...oops, what I meant was plays by herself (this is not an x-rated post!) I tried to get photos this AM, but they might be too dark.
But, I just adore my girls and just seeing them sleeping or sitting near me makes me happy and warm and fuzzy!
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They're not losers they're just acting like cats!!!
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My cats do more than make me happy when I'm sick. I actually feel a lot healthier around them for some reason. For instance I've had a cough for a couple days now and on my way home from work this afternoon, I was coughing like crazy but as soon as I walked into my house and was greeted by my kitties I stopped coughing and haven't coughed for a couple hours now.
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