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For some reason I LOVE to kiss Tucker's little white chin
I also love fuzzy footsies
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Originally Posted by Wesley's Mom View Post
This might sound funny, but I love rubbing cat ears when they are a little cold! I just love how they feel! I always like rubbing cat ears and dog ears as well! They are just always so soft!
hahaha. Were two of a kind then.
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Im sorry but you didn't add another option..ALL OF THE ABOVE!!
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In order:

Slope of nose
All of the rest
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I love how you can sometimes see their tails when they are hiding. All else is invisible, except a tail hanging out of a box or over a ledge!
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It's really difficult to pick just one part of them, but I went for ears - I am a sucker for big-eared cats and both my boys have huge ears!

Radar has the best ears, hence the name Radar, because when I saw him first as a kitten they looked like radar dishes He is part cornish rex and his ears just stick right on up from his head like a crown And Sonic is oriental, so his ears are also majestic. Sonic sleeps curled up on my shoulder or face, but sometimes he lies so I am breathing across his ears - and his ear-twitch reflex goes into overdrive and I have a big old ear flapping against my cheek every time I exhale

I am also fascinated by other aspects of them, and I am in awe of Radar's tail. I have never seen anything like it, it is a good 6 inches longer than his back legs (which are quite long as it is!) and he always holds it in a sideways question-mark position rather than straight up, I don't think he can fight gravity enough to hold it up straight in the air it is so long. And on the rare occasions when he is startled it floofs up spectacularly, despite being a shorthair. Honestly I have never seen anything quite like Radar's tail.
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I like their tails. I always say if I get to come back in another life, I want to be a cat, because I want a tail!! HAHA!! My husband thinks I am crazy!! They are just so sassy with their tails!!

Dont get me wrong, paws are adorable too!!
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i vogted for other. my favorite part is their faces and those expressions!

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It really depends on which cat

With Bumps, I love looking into his eyes but for playing with it has to be tummy rubs

With Scully it is hands down his nose - he loves to do eskimo kisses

Boomer loves his ears being nibbled (don't ask how I know this)

Magnum is just the pure amount of fur, I love brushing him
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Yes, Icklemiss, it is a cat-specific choice, isn't it? I chose Other with the intention of saying "cheeks," because I love it when they rub their cheeks against me, so warm and sometimes just a little bit moist... and of course, I know that I'm being "claimed" when they do that, and that's very nice.

But on a cat-by-cat basis:

Clyde -- It's the nose, no doubt. From the very day we met at the shelter, our whole love affair has been all about Esquimeaux kisses from that sweet little pink nose.

Pearl -- She has the softest cheeks ever! You can hardly even find her tiny little face under all that fluff, and oh, how sweet when she rests her cheek on mine to sleep...

Dylan -- This kitty has the most adorable spotted tummy! And he loves to sleep sprawled on his back on the middle of the floor with all four paws up in the air... so he attracts a lot of tummyrubs.

Sassy -- She has such pretty little white paws, with little tufts of fluff between her toes! And luckily, she doesn't mind a little paw-holding... when she's asleep.

Abby -- It's the soft, squishy roundness of her that makes Abby such a pleasure to hold. She's still feral enough to be frightened, but she lets me do it now and then.

St. John -- This kitty's tail is just as big as he is, a fabulous fluffy foxtaily plume! It's irresistible! I like to use the tip of his own tail to tickle his nose.
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