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Our Daily Thread for Monday April 30th

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Happy Monday

not as satisfying as friday, but it'll do.

hope everyone had a great weekend. mine was very good. didn't get all the cleaning done (I'm just not as motivated as you Sandie! I need some lessons) but maybe I will get it done this week. that's a big maybe.

:chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:
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AP; My Monday is just so-so, so far. Maybe I will sew (couldn't resist that since I seemd to be into so's. . . . Actually, I, too hae to do some cleaning and start some plants on the back porch to go in the garden later. Happy new week to everyone!
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good morning/afternoon everyone

i am just waking up, been up awhile, but not really awake
yet, it takes quite awhile some days

to anyone waiting for an email back from me, i havent
forgotten, i just have a lot to do today, i will get back
to you as soon as i can

hope everyone has a good start to their week, and dont
forget to watch Ally McBeal tonight!!

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What a hot strange day this has been. Very strange tropical weather with orange skies, dust everywhere and the occasional thunderstorm... Well, I hope it's going to be cooler tomorow.

Plese check the SOS forum everyone. There are some issues where we can all help simply by sending an email!
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The rain is back and it is so gloomy. Gray skies and no such signs of sunshine in our forecast.

Broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years this weekend. Boy oh Boy... I am really tired of all this dating stuff. It's real emotional. Feeling pretty drained today, not my regular self. What do you do??

Hope everyone's Monday is better than mine. On the brighter side... tomorrow is another day.
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So sorry to hear about you and your ex! How traumatic. hope you are doing ok. I have found that looking back those things happen for a reason.

hope you are ok
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Well, its Monday and I got to stay home. But because last night we had to take our daughter to the urgent care center. She has had exercise enduced asthma since last winter. Well, yesterday she was outside playing while her dad mowed the lawn and she went into an asthma attack. After 4 treatments we couldnt get the wheezing to stop. So off she went. So this morning I had to take her in to see her reg Dr and see what we could do. Now she is on Flovent and singulair to prevent the attacks. So I spent most of my day cleaning big stuff and at the Dr. I even made dinner for 2 nights. I am very thankful it is supposed to be hot all week. I LOVE the sunshine.
Swalker, I am sorry to hear about the breakup. It is always hard even if you know its right.
AP dont worry about the cleaning..its not a good thing anyway. I just read somewhere that when it is over clean you are more likley to get sick more often and have allergies.
Anne, It sounds like a real summer storm you have there. That kind of weather always gives me the willies.
Blue, I am sure everyone knows you havnt forgotten about them. We always know your good days because you are here.
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