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Casey Sat On My Lap!

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He actually sat on my lap! It took him four years to do this! I was sitting watching THE VIEW and he came to where I was and jumped up and stretched out on my lap. Usually he just tentavely half sits on my lap, but this time! . Now if only I could get Gracie to sit on my lap.
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Awwww that's great news!

Maybe he will do it more often now
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Thats awesome...see you can never give up hope on these little darlings
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See Casey - it is a good thing! do it again please!

Congrats - that is so sweet.
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Isn't it fantastic when they finally acknowledge that they actually like you. My Linus has finally decided about 2 weeks ago that I was worth keeping. Up until that point he didn't want me picking him up or he would move if I sat near him and jumping up was out of the question. Now however the tide has turned and he has become quite a cuddle bug. It started with him sitting on the back of the chair and then moved to my knee for a few minutes. Gradually it has become longer and longer and now he is even cuddling up to me when I sleep. It's been great, I am sure your guy will get better and better as time goes on.
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That's so great!! It took my Sapphire over 2 years to sit on my lap and i swear I almost cried when she did it
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