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Sweater question....

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I have a question and don't know who else to ask, so I know it's kinda silly...but...I am going out tomorrow night for the first time in over a YEAR!!! I am so excited! I am going to the local bar with a friend and hubby said I could go, and my step-daughter is watching Amber...so I went out and bought a beautiful cream colored sweater that was so soft, and 40% angora. (don't worry...it didn't cost much...I got it from Walmart :tounge2: ) And I was planning on wearing black jeans with it.

Problem is....the dang thing is shedding like CRAZY!!!!!!! I held it against my black t-shirt I was wearing when I bought it, and came out of the store COVERED in white hair....looked like I had been attacked by a cat!!! Of course I didn't notice this until after I bought it.

So tonight I have done everything I can think of to get it to stop shedding...I have rubbed other shirts all over it to collect the hair, I have thrown it in the dryer with a towel and dried it to death thinking the lint trap and the towel might collect all the hair...and everytime I take it out of the dryer, and rub something on it...the hairs come off!!! I can't wear it and have it shedding all over my coat and my pants...I would look ridiculous (not to mention furry) Is there anything at all I can do???? Probably not...but I thought it was worth a shot...you guys have such great advice!!!
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Do you have one of those sticky lint rollers? Run it all over your swater while it's lying flat on your bed or something. That should collect most of the loose hairs so it shouldn't shed as much.

You could try wrapping masking tape around your hand and doing the same thing if you don't have a lint roller...
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Thats a good idea with the lint roller...

...or you could wear it with lighter color pants so it doesn't show so much. I have a sweater that sheds and I try to wear it w/ white or peach colored pants so you can't see all the fuzz.
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Debbie spray it lightly with static guard right before you leave for your hot date. Either that or tell people you are so used to cat hair, you didn't want to miss any of your critters on your night out!
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Thanks for the advice!

Illusion...I don't have a lint roller...but I will try the masking tape!

Danilea...I don't have any light colored pants (I don't get out much ) otherwise that would be a good idea.

Hissy...I don't have any static gaurd on hand either, and no way to get to the store to get some before tomorrow night...(the nearest store that would sell it is 15 miles away, and I suppose I could go there tomorrow morning, but I don't have anyone to watch Amber then, and hate to haul her out in the cold for that) But otherwise that is a really good idea!!! I think I will just go ahead and wear it and tell people what you said....I didn't want to miss my furbabies too much! :LOL:

Thanks for your advice guys!!! I appreciate it!!!
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Debby, I hope I caught you in time to try this. I swear I hear this on one of those Hints by Heloise type shows, but I may just be insane. Either way you could try it. LOL

Put the sweater in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer. Something about that is supposed to make it shed less.

Like I said, I could just have a faulty wire somewhere, but I swear I remember that from somewhere. The worst that could happen is you will have a cold sweater.
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Well it couldn't hurt to try it, I guess. But how long do I have to keep it in there? I mean, if I freeze it, then put it on an hour before I go out will it still work or do I have to put it on right before I leave?
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If all else fails give it to your cats, they'd love a fluffy bed
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Guess I may be too late for this but.....

Heidi, I heardabout the freezer idea too and tried it. I left mine in there 2 days. For me, it didn't work.

Now, don't laugh but....I was so frustrated that I ended up spraying the sweater with hairspray! It worked. Plus, it didn't end up being as sticky as I thought. :LOL: Hey, desperate situations call for desperate measures!

Hope something works!

Otherwise, you'll have to bring your lint roller out with you.
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At least I wasn't going completely nut! LOL

Debby, I think her suggestion about the hair spray is the best one yet!
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BuNN...I just may do that!

Hairspary!! Now there's an idea!!!! Thanks Ghyslaine!!!
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I don't have any suggestions Debby. Sorry! Let us know if the hairspray trick worked.
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Debby, this is the first chance I've had to check in since your night out.... I've been wondering all weekend how it went - and what you did? Sounds like the hairspray option was a good one...???? But MOST importantly, did you have fun?????

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Well, the sweater shed like crazy...hairspray and all, but...it was dark in the bar, so I don't think anyone really noticed, and I had the most fun I can remember having for a very long time!!!! I danced up a storm...thankfully I still remember how!! It was great!!!! Thanks for asking!!!
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