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Do you eat from paper plates at home?

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One of today's keepers' clues got me thinking. On Friday night we often get take out on the way home and will often just use paper plates to save on cleaning up.

Do you ever use paper plates at home?
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I definitely do for toast or something that won't leak or is too heavy
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We use the paper plates at christmas so there isn't much to clean up, but just use our usual dishes other than that. We let the washing build up a little, and put the cold water into a bucket when we wait for it to heat up to save water. The cold water goes into the garden
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I use paper plates most of the time.
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From the sound of things i'm making work for myself by eating off proper plates?!

The only time i use paper ones is if i've got some people over for drinks and a buffet such as at christmas etc...
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Originally Posted by katl8e View Post
I use paper plates most of the time.

I don't "do" dishes.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
I don't "do" dishes.
Either do I - Matt does them all otherwise we would probably use paper plates more!
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We rarely use paper plates for ourselves, but the cats eat off of them all the time.
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We do, but we also can then put them in our "wet waste" recycling.
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In the summer we do. We're always on the go- and always outside grilling out, so I always keep them on hand, because you never know who's gonna stop over to eat with us- and I hate doing all those dishes
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we use paper plates if were doing stuffo n the bbq or if we have firends around for a few drinks and snacks. other then that normal plates .
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We do if we're eating outside like on the 4th of July or something like that.
Any other time I use my real plates.
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I have used them, when it gets busy. I feel so guilty because of the 'environment' issue. I have used the stryphone plates and hot food makes it melt, even toast!
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only 4 barbecues and stuff
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I eat off real plates or no plates. For one thing it's sad to eat off paper plates alone. For another it's such a waste of paper.
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Only for really big parties. And even then, I have a good supply of pretty plastic plates and goblets for using in the garden.
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Only if lots of people are over and I don't have enough real plates.
There is a designer at Target who has really pretty floral ones currently.
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I voted yes, on occasion. Thats just one thing i dont keep stocked up on

If I did keep stocked up, then they would get used all the time!!
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No, my Mom would kill me. I'm serious. She would find out, fly down from Alaska, and give me a lecture on how paper plates are a horrible invention and then take me to a department store and buy me a 12 place setting.
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I do when possible, if its not heavy or messy. I HATE washing dishes!
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Never! Paper plates are expensive!
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Originally Posted by Rhiannon View Post
Never! Paper plates are expensive!
Really? I can get a stack of 100 + at the dollar store, for only $1!
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I chose never in a million years. To me thats weird
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No paper plates. However, I tend to cook in bulk (4 servings). I eat one serving and freeze 3 in individual portions. I use those Ziploc plastic freezer containers, so I tend to eat out of those a great deal (microwave and serve). As I use them, they get washed and put into a stack on my dishwasher in preparation of the next time I cook and need to freeze 3 meals of food. They are more convenient to access than the dishes in the upper cupboards, so when I need a bowl for cereal or mixing something, I tend to grab one of those plastic containers and eat from that.

I think paper plates are wasteful and only contribute to the landfill and environment problems. I can see using them once in a while for a huge outdoor party or something, but not just out of laziness because you don't feel like doing dishes one day.
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I cliked "Other".

I use them every day.
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It is something I have never done! I hate dishes too, but I just wouldn't eat from a paper plate - I think it would be so strange!
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Of course we do - usually when bbq'ing, but sometimes we'll use them when we have a lot of people over - we only have a serving of 8 plates for company.

Why would someone NOT use paper plates at home?
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Yes, so we don't dirty so many dishes or for a barbecue or a picnic we use paper plates. I usually use them for stuff that a paper plate can hold like bagels and cream cheese, chips, nachos, stuff like that.
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Almost never. If we have a large number of people for party, especially if there's BBQing involved, they come out then. Other than that, it's real plates. We do have a dishwasher, but I used real plates before that, too.
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nope, sorry paper plates ain't for me - I have used them at other peoples houses, parties and the such like.........we have an excellent set of the reusable plastic tableware stuff for garden parties - they do some really stylish stuff now from plates to champagne flutes, very elegant and safe around pools and hard tiled floors !!
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