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Holy kitty-cookies, i hit 1000!!

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Yay!!! it's finally my turn after everyone else!!! Im sure if i posted as much as some i would have alot more in the last 9 months lol. Yay to me! *dances*
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I'm dancing for you!!
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congrats - you'll soon be up at the next milestone
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Woooooohooooo! It feels great, doesn't it?
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oo congrats , its ok i joined in augest 2006 as well and i only hit 1000 back in march. so they do builed up quickly.
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Banana dance!!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Banana dance!!
They add up quickly! Yay for your 1000!
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Woo hoo!!! They add up quickly!!

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Congrats! I feel like that will take forever!!
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I already thought I told u congrats but I guess not But isnt it so exciting making it to 1,000
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