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Overactive cat at night

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Hi Everyone,

Can anyone help me?

I have a 3 yr tabby male who I adore but the last couple of months he is becoming a nightmare, he has become so active at night. I live in a studio flat , ground floor with garden, I dont have a catflap as there is no where to put on so I usually let him out when I get home from work and he comes in and out. He used to sleep all day go out in the evening and then come in about 10 and sleep on the bed with me.

Well now he is basically up and down all night, he goes out and then wants to come back in , I let him in he wants to go out again. I am in and out of bed all night,. then when he is in , he starts meowing all the time, he then wants to be fed, I have to barracad the cupboards and fridge as he opens them to try and get food. Trust me my cat is well fed.

This is driving me mad, I have tried to ignore him and hope he will learn the sleep patterns but it doesnt seem to be working, he used to be really good and know that when I got up at seven it was breakfast time,. now he wants breakfast earlier , meowing loadly at 5.30 someimes, I have ended up giving in and letting him have some biscuits.

On top of that I have a litter tray, just in case as he is in all day. He will go out for ages come in use the litter tray and then go out again. I dont mind this but when it is in the middle of the night. As I am in a flat the litter tray is in the hallway so I can hear him ruffling around in it.

Like I said I love my cat dearly but he is driving me mad, he never used to be like this, I have recently moved and he has settled ok, I dont think his night time overactivnes is due to this as I have moved once before and he was fine.

Can anyone help ?

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Is he neutered? If not, he should be, as he's going to roam more and more looking for ladies, and you could even lose him one day if he keeps it up. As long as the action outside is more interesting than inside, he'll be exposed to illnesses, speeding cars, stray dogs, and the cat fights.
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I agree with above.

Humphrey still tries that one with me now and again, but I do try to not give into him, however, I know its frustrating when they awake and you are not!!!

I have decided to keep humphrey in at night now as one night he was out and got attacked by another cat and was bitten badly, costing me a lot of money, hence I got insurance now!

Hopefully he will get back into his routine soon but Im a sucker when it comes to Humphrey looking at me at 5.30am, with his eyes firmly on me saying GET UP!!!!!


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Sometimes it helps to have a rousing play session right before bedtime and/or a small meal. If I know I need to have an uninterrupted sleep, I'll pull out a toy, let them get really rambunctious for 15-20 minutes (usually that's enough) and put out a little food (like a tablespoon of wet or 10-15 pieces of dry). Usually right after the meal, they'll clean themselves and curl up for a snooze.

Ultimately, though you have to understand that you're asking them to do something completely counter to their natural rhythms, so it's an uphill battle.
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he is neutered. he stays in all day while I am at work and then when i come home he usually goes out into the garden for a run around. He used to come home about 9ish for some food again, go out for a bit and then come back to bed, but now he is meowing all night, wants to come in and wants to go out again, this goes on all night. Then he is extra load at about 5AM meowing for breakie.

Maybe he is just going through a funny stage!!!

Right now he is on my lap being as good as gold!
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It may just be a stage. All of my cats have gone through stages of being very active at night (or early morning) that usually lasts a few months. Playtime and a meal right before bed do help sometimes. Good luck, I know it is frustrating!
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It may help to set a regular pattern and not let him in and out as he wishes. So long as you can keep an eye on him outside to make sure he isn't asking to come in due to another cat, loud noises, etc. put him out for a few hours and then don't let him out again for the rest of the night.
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Yes, a routine is important. Seb still demands to go out once in awhile even after a year and half of being indoor only. You have to set the routine and stick to it.

Can you get a fan to provide some white noise? I have a box fan that helps to drown out the noises they make in the night (litter pan, bouncing, paper balls). I live in a studio, too. When Seb starts up at 1am, I tell him NO! then go back to sleep (or pretend to). He will usually chill after that. Whatever you do, don't reward him for waking you up by doing what he wants done.

I do know how it feels though. There are times you just will do anything at all to get some sleep!

Edit: are you in the UK?
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yes i am in the UK,

he used to be really good with his routine, I dont know why he is being a pain.

someone else said that when he comes in to just keep him in no matter how much he protests. But it is hard when he is meowing and stratching at the door. Or when he is meowing for food.

I dont want to keep him in all the time, when he does go out he usually runs about the garden.
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You're gone all day, he's young and full of life, so unless you really spend lots of active time with him when you get home (and before bed) he's going to want more action!
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Could it be the turn of the weather? My cats were always more active at night when it was nice out. In the summer, Patches routinely wants in or out several times a night. It got the point that she would ask in one door only to go out another. Apparently waking up the doorman was easier than going around the house!

What about a window cat flap rather than a door one?
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Try 30 minutes of interactive play before bedtime. Also, be firm. Don't let him out whenever he wants to at night - no matter how piteously he may meow.
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I would get him some toys he can keep himself busy with while you are gone durning the day. Balls and track balls are always fun. Also, before you go to bed play with him. My aunt bought us an ice fishing pole with a cat toy on the end of it to play with the cats. It's a really fun toy and it doesn't take much energy for you and the cats LOVE it!
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