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Strange cat behaviour, help me!!

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I have recently adopted a 6 year old male black cat from my father in-law. Not sure what breed, just your normal big strong-looking cat. I have had him now for just over a week.

He has always been littertray trained apparantly.

During the day, and when there is nobody in the house, I will return from work to find he has wee'd and poo'd in the litter tray. That is absolutely great and fine.

However the problem starts when me and my missus go to bed. When he needs to go toilet, he will cry and cry and cry until either he defecates on the carpet somewhere upstairs, or until I physically pick him up and place him in the litter tray which is downstairs in the kitchen. I have tried walking him to the tray but this does not work, I must place him in it. Like I said, he uses the tray fine during the day but seems to play up in the evenings when we are asleep.

Last night it all became a bit too much as we ended up having another broken nights sleep, so decided we should lock him out of the bedroom as maybe this would force him to walk to the tray himself. However, constant crying kept us awake even more and we felt too guilty so let him back in.

Then, at 5am, the cat started crying again as he needed a poo. I noticed that when I placed him in the litter tray, he was digging for a good 2 mins straight trying to make the tray just right. He was obviously desperate as the minute he arranged the litter to his liking, his poo wooshed out at full throttle and the look of relief on his face was obvious.

I dont know if he is just adapting to his new environment or if there is something more medical going on? I do not like the idea of him holding his stools in unecessarily the poor fellow.

We have not yet let him go outside on his own as we have not had him for very long, could this be why?

Help and thankyou!!

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Welcome! I am sure more knowledgeable people will come along but the suggestion I have is to have a litter tray upstairs as well. Since he is in a new place he may not want to be too far from you in a strange place at night. Having a tray on each level of the house could help. Let us know how things go for you

He sounds like a wonderful and loving cat and he is lucky to have servants such as you and your wife. When you have time, please post photos if you can on Fur Pictures of the Cat Lounge forum. We love photos!
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Has he had his (night) vision checked recently?
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Did he used to go out at night with his previous owner?

It could also be he is missing his previous owner and just wants reassurance. Not sure really just giving some alternative suggestions. If it carries on perhaps a visit to the vet would help just to rule out anything.

Keep us posted

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He should definitely have a litter tray upstairs - I think that will help a lot. Get one of those covered ones and you will hardly know it is there. He sounds a sweetie - I'm glad you could take him in.
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Is the litter tray the same tray that he used at his old house? If not, could you get it? I might try using the same type of litter too. He may just be sensitive to different smells, etc.
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I too would question his ability to see well in the dark.

I would also add a tray upstairs.
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A 2nd litter pan (or one on each floor) may solve your problem. If he was not an outside cat before, you don't want to let him out now. And even if he was, there's a good chance he may run off and try to get back to the old home - I would keep him as an indoor cat.

BTW get some of the Nature's Miricle cleaner to clean the spots he's used - so he doesn't go back and keep peeing there.
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Hello and thankyou for your replies!

We are going to buy another litter tray tomorrow and stick it in the upstairs bathroom. Hopefully this will sort the problem out, however if it doesn't I think we'll take him to the vet to check out his eyesight.

FYI Mr Black Cat is getting lots of huggles tonight ;o)


This is a picture of B.C mid yawn (obviously had a hard day at work!)

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awww he is a beauty with great teeth Keep us updated on how the extra tray works for you

Edit: I had a cat named B.C. when I was younger. Meant Bonnie's Cat
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Awwwwwwwwwwww he is the spitting image of Humphrey!!!!!!
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HI! a quick update on Mr B.C from his other servant.

Yesterday we let him outside for the first time properly. He sniffed around in the garden for a few minutes then jumped over the fence. He was gone for 2 hours and I was becoming quite frantic with worry. Just as I was about to go looking for him he came bounding through the back door, went straight to the kitchen to get some food then went back out on the prowl again!

Today he has spent all day in the garden finding nice spots to snooze in. He seems to be very happy and hopefully he will start to settle down at night.

Last night there were no 'accidents', just Mr Boss Cat waking his servants up at 3am demanding that they play with him. After doing just as he wished for an hour he then snuggled onto the bed with us and proceeded to snore until 9am. Happy cat!
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