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Should I be worried?

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Hi, I'm new to the site... so quick intro: My husband and I adopted 2 kitties (7 mo. old sisters, Chloe and Phoebe) about 2 months ago.

Chloe's acting strangely. She was stumbling earlier, and scratching her ears - but she would stop halfway through and just hold her head for a few seconds.
We called an emergency clinic a half hour ago, and they said it just sounds like an ear infection, and to wait until morning to bring her in.

Of course I'm terrified though. This is the first time we've had cats, so we're just learning everything...

Has anybody had a situation like this before?
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Hello and welcome to the site...........I am sorry one of your little sweeties is not so good.
I cant offer any advise, as I've not experienced this but the vet will soon be able to sort that out

Keep us posted !
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Please let us know how your kitten is doing when you come back from the vets! BTW, this is a great place to learn about cats and kittens! Welcome and good luck!
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Sorry for the delay in the update... I had stayed up all night with Chloe to make sure she was ok, and spent the rest of the day asleep after we went to the vet.

She has a virus that's just surfacing from when we adopted her. So she's on an anti-viral, Viralys, for 10 days.
The vet couldn't explain the stumbling, and said if this doesn't help, we'll bring her back for blood work.

Chloe seems to be doing a lot better. She's still more sleepy than usual, but no more stumbling or meows that sounds like she's hurting.
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