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What a sweet meowmy day

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well i consider myself a mommy because i am meowmy to 6 cats, but my 3 girls have been so great today They are def chearing me up too

Well Bella, she has been the major cuddle bug today! Every where I went she had to follow which is usual but I mean everywhere I went it was soo cute, of course tho I woke up with her in between my legs this morning and might I add I was very uncomfortable! !! And well she is just super cuddley today!

Blue has also been cuddley, Blue and Bella were both laying right next to each other on my legs earlier and bella wasnt even being jelous! It was so cute! (They trie to fight over me nothing major just growls sometimes from bella, what can I say shes a crancky girl some days but the other day I seen her cleaning blue to ) Also Blue has been trying to play fetch it isnt working tho, but she sure is cracking me up, man do I miss my camera

And Stormie has been talking to me, keeps giving me her paw and keeps bringing me her toy, as I type we are playing fetch, its been an ongoing thing all day and my arms are soar from yesterday and holding so many kids O and almost forgot she threw up her food at my feet today But she knows I love playing fetch with her !

But on a down side I have to clean up my room, they knocked EVERYTHING over!

So what did ur kitties do to u for meowmy's day!
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Abilene...my former kitty (now my mom's) hissed at me when i went by my mom's house to give her her mother's day present That heifer!

Velvet, Izzy, and Jasmine haven't really hung around much today

Kojak has snuggled with me off and on

and the foster kittens have been soooo sweet and snuggly
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Awww your kits sure do love you My two have been cuddly today. We took my mom out for a late lunch then went to see ducks and geese at a park. When I came home I couldn't resist a little nap and my two cuddled up with me so sweet. We had a good little nap Tonight, they are normal - Seb trying to rest and Daphne convincing him to play
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ok iv not heard of meowmys day?
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
ok iv not heard of meowmys day?
it was mothers day and well we are all meowmy's to our fur kids so techincually we are still mothers !
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My boys both cuddled w/ me while I was home- and Harley was EXTRA loving when we got home last night!
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Well to start out, my hubby got up before me and went to watch TV in the living room, he said when he got up Princess did not even move (odd for her). Then about an hour later, I awake to a cat running across the bed and pouncing on my feet She lays down on the bed next to me and I said "good morning Princess" and she said "M aaaww" and rolled onto her back. Awww!

Later on in the day she was less social, sleeping on her cat tree inside the box part, but she came out late in the day and wanted to play, so we played a bit with her teaser and the lazer light.

Then I went to get on the computer to play a game and check my email. I have her a blanket in here all folded up neatly on the corner of my desk so she can sit by me comfortablly (I know I spoil her so badly!!). She hopped up here and then walked over and started pawing at me and trying to crawl up and sit on my shoulder

All in all it was lovely! What she gave me was just as good as any gift I could have gotten
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