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Cocoa is the Tortie. She'll be coming home Tuesday.

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How cute! Cocoa is the purrfect name for her!
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Oh my goodness, she is a sweetie!
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Nyaw! She is totally adorable.
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What a beautiful little thing
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She's so pretty!
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aww can the other one come too
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She is so adorable
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
aww can the other one come too
Actually, the other one (a girl) and the brother (a boy kitty) may have found a home with a young woman that moved into their neighborhood. And the momma -Miss Zeola, originally a stray, may stay with the elderly lady she's befriended (by having her kittens on top of the lady's green house).

This cat family is a lesson in cat genetics. The mother is white with one blue eye and one yellow eye. The brother is almost completely white with blue eyes and the sister seen here is white with a gray spot on her head and blue eyes. Luckily, none of them seem deaf, which I understand is common in white cats with blue eyes. However, I've never heard Cocoa meow. She chirped once...sounded almost like the cat that ate the canary. But she hasn't meowed. I guess we shall see tomorrow night, her first night without momma, whether she can meow or not.

Cocoa also has a red splotch on the back of her head. She really is a beauty and the most active and curious one of the kittens.
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awe what a cutie, congrats on ur new addittion to ur family I love the name too ! Remember tho some cats just arent vocal, Blue only meows on an occassion when she wants food and its in ur hands or when u are outside and shes not, Bella meows rarely but she does hold convos when she wants attention (well more attention) And stormie, well she meows all the time !!! Tessa for being siamese rarely meows and when she does its very soft and not often! But u really do have a cutie on ur hands, be sure to post lots of photos of her growing up Such a sweetheart for sure
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Oh man! I'll take the momma!!! Deafness in the kittens might not show up until Twitch was 4 months old before we fully realized she was deaf. But, that's OK. Deaf cats are awesome!

She is such a cutie. I spy a lil smudge of color on her chin!
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Awww! look at that cute little face.
She was born on top of a greenhouse?! Wow!
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Yes, I think her momma was trying to keep them all safe. BTW, we have found out, she can meow. And she is also highly intelligent. She did not make a peep from her old house to our house. When I got her home, I sat the carrier down in the floor and left the door open. She eventually wandered out, ran under a piece of furnature, and hid in the corner. We just talked to her off and on and let her be to come out on her own. After a few minutes, she let out the faintest raspy meow. And then another and then another, etc. She finally came out of the corner and then hid under my grandmother's buffet in the dining room. After I managed to fish her out of there I sat down on the floor in front of the couch and petted her. She calmed down and then started trying to climb up on the couch with Mr. "we don't need a cat" - my brother. Curiously, he said...let her go and see what she'll do...well, she jumped right up beside him, lay down, and started cleaning herself. Then after a while she crossed over his lap, lay down between the brother and the arm of the couch and fell asleep. Talk about knowing which side to butter her bread on. After a few minutes of watching and petting her, he said..."I have to go water the rest of the shrubs. Get up here and sit by her so she can sleep."

She really is a doll, a fiesty little doll, but a doll. Right now, I'm trying to slowly introduce her to the dogs. Interestingly, the terrior is the biggest obstacle (17 pounds, old, asthmatic, and cantakerous). But marshmellows work wonders to bribe a dog into being good. My big boy, Jake, (half dobie/half rottweiller and 73 pounds) ran and hid in his carrier the first time the cat hissed at him with this expression that said, "I don't know what that is, but I'm not coming out until it's gone." It was quite hillarious. Poor baby, he is a rescue pup and a little skiddish (even after 6 years).

BTW...I've attached a picture of the momma kitty, Miss Zeola.

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All three babies...

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