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Female Siamese needs a new home (Houston)

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Name: Blossom
- Female
- 6 yrs old
- Pure sealpoint applehead Siamese
- indoors only
- spayed & declawed
- adopted from SPCA in 2005
- FIV negative

I need to find a new home for my siamese cat. Blossom is 6 yrs old, a sealpoint applehead, indoors only (at least since I've had her), neutered and declawed. Please note I did not declaw her - she was already declawed when I adopted her from the SPCA in 2005.

Blossom is extremely sweet, friendly and affectionate. She likes curling up on the couch next to you, and loves to be held. Her favorite thing is pressing her head against your neck and falling asleep. She is the alpha cat to my 12-yr old male cat (indoors only also). I don't know how she is with dogs or children, since I haven't seen her interact with either of those.

The reason Blossom needs a new home is she has problems using the litterbox. She does use the litterbox for #1, but does not use it for #2. She has been checked by the vet, so since there is no medical problem, there is obviously something in my home that makes her unhappy. I have tried a variety of strategies, but nothing seems to work. I think she just needs to be in a completely new environment, with someone with more knowledge and patience helping kitties with this problem.

I contacted the Tx Siamese Cat Rescue, but one woman I spoke with said they keep the kitties in a kennel environment. I do not want to send Blossom into this kind of situation.

I will provide cans of wet food, a cat bed and a cat carrier to Blossom's new home.

If anyone is interested, contact me via PM.
Thank you.

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Hi I am so sorry to her this ..
But I will tell you once I had a problem such as this when I changed the litter
I was usuing always since then I had do to go to the litter box with her
and actually scratch the litter ..he would run around like a nut ...

Try 2 boxes even 3 try to remember the litter she orig.used
if possible try to scratch the litter if you see the cat is in and out
I know this seems crazy but sometiimes it works.

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Is Blossom still available. I am looking to get a siamese for my daughter's birthday.
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