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The dangers of laptops

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I never knew laptop computers were dangerous until I saw this this morning.

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Who would have believed it?
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OMG! The poor guy!
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I laughed. Does that make me a bad person?

At least they clarified that he was wearing clothes at the time of the accident.
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LOL, hotdogs.......*sizzle*.....hehe sorry :P

Nuts roasting on the open fire......*POP*.


Whats that song called? Goodness Gracious Great Bal.....ah yes that one.

I'd better stop now, I'm going to far :tounge2:
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I don't think this guy should be pittied at all! It was mostly likely a deliberate action to fund his research.

I'll tell you, years back, there was a similar situation, only with an OLDER laptop (therefor hotter to the touch) and I believe the man was naked.

Anyway he burnt his genitals, sued, and this is the main reason why laptops can no longer be sold under the name laptop, but instead NOTEBOOK. Laptop implied too much for the idiots out there.
So that's why if you go to like dell.com or gateway, or any place like that, they can only be marked as 'notebooks'.

This man sat for a good hour, with this thing on his lap and over time he said he felt a burning sensation, yet did nothing about it!
If I wanted to lay my hand on my hot stove, and it hurt, you think I would remove my hand, but you can't sue the stove company!
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I reckon he was surfing for porn and got what he deserved
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That's my thinking
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I agree. I think he was surfing for something and his little smokie actually GOT all smokie... So does that mean he has a smoked sausage?:laughing: :laughing2 :LOL:
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Um...did he not NOTICE that it was hot enough to burn him? How could something be hot enough to burn your skin through clothing...and you sit there and don't notice it???

What WAS he doing??? :tounge2:
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Because this is a family site, can we keep it clean gals?? Please.

Thanks!! I'd hate to have to close this thread down due to the content!

Thanks lots!!
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:LOL: I know I shouldn't laugh, but it does sound funny! :LOL: How can someone feel the burn and not take it off!?!
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I was wondering the same thing! It is such a sensitive area, how could he NOT know something was very wrong???
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Maybe he had tight pants on.....

I am trying to keep it clean, but it's so damned difficult
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OMG!!! THat is just sooo funny!!! :LOL: :LOL: Ahem, I mean, poor guy.... (:laughing: )

I thought the same as the rest of you, SURELY he'd NOTICE!??!?!?!
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You'd certainly think so!! :LOL:
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