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~What color/breeds are these cats?~

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3 new Foster cats......think the adult 2 are sisters....and they have both had babies recently and have milk but they were found with only 1 baby which looks like she belongs to the lighter adult cat. They were dropped off by former owners out in the woods on coal mine property and left to die. The baby has a large wound on her tummy. Is it possible the 2 adults are sisters? They seem like best friends.....What colors are the light two? Flame Point...Cream? Are they possible Siamese mix and the other is a tabby but she has orange through it too...what is she considered?

Here is Grace...she is a very LONG cat.

Here is Juicy she is very creamy white...light orange tips...pale blue eyes and pink nose.

and here is what we believe to be Juicy's daughter...Puddin

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The two look like cream points to me. What a cute cat family.
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~Okay so Ive been looking myself because nobody has answered my question yet....and Ive ran across several websites with Flame Point Siamese?? Does Juicy look like a full blooded Flame Point Siamese to you? Also what about her baby? She has longer there a long hair Siamese? She is also flame pointed I assume then....?~
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Juicy looks a fair bit like a flame point siamese and she's definately more refined (as in more slender etc.) than your average random bred cat. Her baby is flame point as well (flame point is basically red tabby point).

There are long haired siamese but the kitten doesn't look particularely siamese to me. Anyway when it comes to purebreed cats the only thing that makes a purebred cat is having the pedigree. If you don't know the pedigree lots of generations back you can't really say at all. You can go by general traits but that's it pretty much.

Oh and I think in the US siamese cats with anything other than the basic points (seal, grey and chocolate) are called colour points and shown as a seperate breed while in the UK they're shown as siamese. There are siamese breeders here which know a lot more about that. The only breed I know a fair bit about is the Bengals really.
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The pointed ones are red point - maybe balinese type - something like a longhair siamese.

The other one is a brown patched tabby. Might have some kind of oriental background with the long body. They might be sisters. It's possible to have solid/tabby orientals and pointed orientals in the same litter.

But since you don't know the background or if there are "breeds" in there - they would be consider domestic shorthairs and domestic longhairs.
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What beautiful cats! I love the size of the kittens feet - they look huge! Are you a foster Mom or are you going to keep them? They are very lovely cats and it is so fabulous to see how close they are. I do hope that they won't be separated! Please update us!
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Puddin looks similar to my Fluffy. He is a Flame Point DLH. Here he is at 10 weeks:

Here he is at 10 months:
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~Im fostering right now but I have already told them if they cannot find a home for all 3 girls TOGETHER that I would come in and fill out the paperwork and adopt them myself. They are such a close nit family with both adult females caring for the baby.~

What is a DLH? Im NEW to cats and dont know many of the breeds yet. Also does feet size determine size of cat when they are grown? As with dogs big paws means a dog will grow to be it the same with cats? She does have some big ol feet on her for a kitten. Her mom has small does auntie....but havent a clue who daddy is.
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~Oh and they told me that think the baby is around 6-8 weeks old but she is a big girl and looks more like your baby at 10 long before she gets in her red points like your georgeous fellow? Does anybody know what color the father had to be if mom and baby are both red points?~
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Foot size does not determine adult size. Ginger had HUGE paws as a kitten, and she is a very petite cat at 8 pounds fully grown.

DLH means domestic long hair, DSH means domestic shorthair.

I just love the ear fluffies on little Pippin - she's totally adorable.

Sorry I can't answer your other questions, but I'm sure someone else can.
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Yes, as Betsy said, DLH means domestic long hair.

Fluffy's mom was a flame point himilayan. I'm not sure about the dad. When he was a baby he only had the red on his tail and it wasn't until about 4 months old that he started to show the red on his face, ears and paws.
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