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New cat!

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well, she's not actually mine, but my auntie has just moved house, and wanted a cat (she had a bad experience with cats, one of which was hit by a spade and killed by her neighbour, another was shot with an air gun by her neighbour, the other was run over by her neighbour). But now she is in a nice quiet cul-de-sac, perfect for a new kitty.
So, she has been in her new house for a few weeks, and we went to the Cat Rescue centre today. We looked round and I was just dying to take them all home, but we found the sweetest, gentlest little kitty ever, a little female Tortie called Baby. My auntie's already changed the name to Beba (quite random, but sweet) and she is reserved to pick up next Saturday. So now I've got a Tortie, nd so has my auntie.
Beba's 5 years old, not wanted by her previous owners, shorthaired, but immensely cute!

Well, I'm really just telling you all, but to make it a proper thread I'll need to ask a question:

What can she (my auntie) do to make her most at home right away? How long should she be indoors for before she can let her out?

And, we'll be buying:
Cat food obviously
Cat bowls and mat
Coller and bell (and identity tag thing)
Scratching post
Toys (most importantly of course!) and cat brush
Cat bed
Cat basket

Hmmmm... what else do we need?

I just love when we get a new addition and getting all prepared, even if she isn't strictly my cat!

Ok, everyone, good night!
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Oh, and a litter tray, for the first little while when he is indoors, and if she ever has to go away for a day or two.
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She needs to be indoors long enough to completely trust her new family & to learn where "home" is. I don't know how long that will take, it depends on the cat. Otherwise, I think you've thought of most everything! Just make sure, before this kitty gets let out, that the area is safe & the neighbor's aren't going to do anything rotten!
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Thanks for the reply.
Ok, we'll just wait and see how long it takes her to adjust to her new home.
Hopefully now she's in a new house her neighbours aren't going to be as thoughtless as they were in her old house, and there are quite a few cats in her area, so it seems quite a cat-friendly area.
Thanks again.
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