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OMG! Miss Kitty had a seizure, or something

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It all happened so fast. I dunno what happened. I thought for sure she was dying on me. Yesterday afternoon my daughter wanted to vacum for me, so I was going to let her...I was in the kitchen putting away dishes and all of a sudden I hear a *thump thump thump* I ran in living room and Miss Kitty was flopping around against the door. I just stood there, in such shock! Something I have never in my life witnessed and never want to again!! she then proceeded to fall down and still was flopping, started breathing HARD, and fast and was slobbering, her eyes were all glossy!! Guys I dunno what happened but that totally scared the s*** out of me!! And then to top it off, I couldnt reach my vet or ANY vet for that matter!

God she scared me. I assume it was a seizure? What do you think??

I hope to never see this again~EVER!!! Can I please have some prayers and vibes guys? That totally scared me!!!

She is acting just fine today though.....
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Get her to the vet, please.
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Yes, vet first thing in the morning, just be on their doorstep when they open!
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Take her to the vet ASAP.
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My Monster has seizures and that is what that sounds like. And is DEFINITELY scary! Get her to the vet asap.

Monster started having them after she got into some ant poison. The way my vet explained it to me was every animal (cats, dogs, people) is capable of having a seizure. Everything has a tolerance level, and in the case of Monster the poison lowered her tolerance to stress. So now added stress, even weather changes can cause seizures. She has to have phenobarbital every night to keep her level. He first put her on valium because he says a lot of times valium can raise the tolerance level and eventually it would only be needed when things get crazy (holidays, etc). But, that didn't work with her.

Is your cat usually calm around the vacuum cleaner? It could be that the vacuum stressed her out to much. Or, my vet even said some animals will throw themselves into a seizure while sleeping if they are having a stressful dream.

Like I said, this is what the vet told me about Monster, but seizures can also be caused by physical problems so they will probably want to run tests for kidney functions and other things. Hopefully, it's something minor or even better, just one of those freak things. Only your vet can find out for sure.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Like I said, seizures can be scary!! Let us know what happens.
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Bookie(RB) did that when she (though we didn't know it at the time) became severely anemic (shortly before we realized it was time to let her go).

It is SOooo very, very frightening. Please do take her to the vet tomorrow.
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Oh Monica...how scary...Let us know what the vet says
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