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Fostering shelter cats -- is it really safe?

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I hate to ask that question. We've fostered so many precious kittens over the past few years, and it's an experience I wouldn't trade for the world. If we hadn't been fostering, we wouldn't even have St. John!


Our house just doesn't allow us to reliably separate fosters from our other cats. And based on things I've learned here, and on the warning of one of our vets, I'm really starting to worry. Two reasons:

1. As I understand it, there are some potentially fatal diseases that very young kittens simply cannot be tested for -- so there's always a possibility that you're bringing something deadly into your home.

2. Although the shelter I volunteer for has a policy of doing thorough checks on every cat that's headed for a foster home, I now know that on at least two occasions, that didn't happen with us. The kittens came out of who knows what kind of situation directly into contact with my cats -- without even a flea bath.

So... I guess I'm asking if you more experienced fosters know of any way I can ensure the safety of our cats while still accepting foster babies. I know total separation is the best thing, but that's beyond our ability to manage. Is there any safe alternative?
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We keep records of all vet work & any treatment(frontline, baths, etc.). You can ask to see those records before you bring anyone home.

As for very young kittens, there just is no way. I kept my Jade 2-3 weeks in my bathroom when she was old enough. Until that point, she was in a Rubbermaid tote & went everywhere with me. Grandma & Grandpa B. kitty sat her for me when I went to class. She was never ever home alone. She never ever had any contact with my cats, either.

Is that what you were wondering?
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The most important thing is for your cats to have all vaccines. Kittens that are so young they need bottle feeding and to young for shots should be separated anyway for nesting and these reasons. Kittens or cats of unknown physical history should always be separated from all other pets.......
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