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Trying out baby names...

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So we figure we'll try out some baby boy names for a week each and see if we can get short list that way...

This week it's Ethan - that's one we've had on our list for a little while now.

Another name I actually did quite like is Dominic, but our surname ends in OCK, so Dominic sounds a little odd with a last name ending in ock, so I don't know... maybe we'll try that one out next week and see what happens
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Well I dont think Dominic sounds too bad with your full surname, sounds like some mean & moody hero on a wind swept moor looking for his heroine from a Bronte novel sorry been watching the old BBC Pride & Prejudice series again

and Ethan is good too
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I love the name Dominic - I wanted to name my son that but hubby nixed it. We settled on Gabriel.

Good luck on the name choosing!
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I really like Ethan..its not too different but different enough
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I like Ethan too

I agree about Dominic though, and ock sounding surname would sound a little strange, especially as some people under pronounce ock endings as more like and ick sound
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I love the name Ethan! But Dominic is a nice name as well.
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There are a lot of boys with that name from around my area- its pretty common, but I like it
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Ethan is a nice name.

I can sympathise about the name choosing. DH and I keep knocking heads about a girls name. The boys name was easy because we'd talked about that a long time ago as a joke and then it just stuck.... but a girls name.... he's just so picky.
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I love Ethan! What a cute name!
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Problem is I still can't help thinking about Ethan from Lost who was a meanie!!

I told my neighbour and she said she automatically thought of Ethan from Lost as well
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My 2 year old cousin is an Ethan. So it cant all be bad
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