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Poopy Bum?

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Different cat you guys don't get to hear much about!

About a month ago, I noticed Twitch's bum was poopy, so I've been cleaning it for her on a daily basis. Today, it occured to me....she's always kept herself clean! Not licking her bum could be caused by a health problem, right?

She weighs 9.4lb. However, she has a lot of excess skin. She's never been fat/overweight either. The vet commented on how she looks like an English Bulldog pup with the wrinkles!

Do I have cause to worry? Or could it be that it's getting warmer? She is immaculately white & is keeping herself clean everywhere but her bum. And I believe she will be turning 5 on July 2nd(she was born in July, I just picked a day!). Acting normal, etc. Oh and she's a DSH. Not a bottle baby. Raised by momma & stuck with mom until 4 months of age before mom almost killed her.

One cause to worry....Ophelia has loose stools & so does someone upstairs. Could be Damita though.
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my cat max has a sensitive system and i have been trying to work out a food for him..on his ok days he cleans his butt butt if its slightly poopy he refuses(can't blame him) i am thinking of getting the vet to sedate him and shave his butt cause hes is semi socialized and this is stressing him out
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