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coaster's new girl

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I adopted this year-old brown tabby female yesterday. She's luxuriating in the spare bathroom with a window perch until I can introduce her to my other cats. She's an affectionate little girl who hardly ever meows but has a purr as loud as a lawnmower. She's eating her food, using her litterbox, scratching her scratcher, and not making any noise at night, so she's being a purrrfect newbie so far. Since she's constantly in motion when I'm with her, it's hard to get decent pictures, but here are a few:

Any ideas for names?
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aww she look a real gentle sweetheart

do you prefer human names or something a bit more wacky

well here goes


well keep us posted on her progress and let us know what name you finally decide on
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What a pretty girl! How about Stella? She looks like a star
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Tim, she is lovely

No ideas on the names!
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What a sweetie!! No names off the top of my head, but definitely a girlie name, I think.
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mooficat, I have to tell you something: her shelter name was Coco!! You must have some kind of a gift. And Wendy is one of my favorite female names. But I think I prefer staying away from human names. It's hard to find one that doesn't remind me of someone I know or knew.
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Find something that fits her my Ophelia Rose has a flair for the dramatic.
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What a pretty kitty!!! She looks like she is making herself right at home.
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She's so pretty!!
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What a precious tabby girl! Congrats on your new kitty!
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She's beautiful!
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wow, those eyes are amazing! she is very pretty I'm bad with names, that's why I go with a theme
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o my, I am not sure on names But she really is a GORGEOUS girl
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She's an absolute DOLL! Those eys are gorgeous, along with all the rest of her. I hope everything goes as good as the beginning has gone!!

I know you're not big on people names, but when I saw her I immediately thought Bethan. She just... seems like a Bethan.
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Oh she is soooo cute! I love her eyes!!! That first pic is beautiful!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
Oh she is soooo cute! I love her eyes!!! That first pic is beautiful!
what about a golden name, for those pretty eyes... Aural, Glisten, Glitter...
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Aural is a beautiful name!! I've never heard it before. Unfortunately, my sister's name is Laurel, and it's too close in the way it sounds.
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Whatever name you pick for her, she is so precious. Congratuations!
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