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~New Foster Cats....Puddin', Juicy and Grace~

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~3 new fosters were brought to me today....they are all 3 females that were dropped out in the county where there are no houses the coal mines.....The one is creamy white.....with orange points and blue eyes...We named her Juicy because the kids said she looked like her face was dipped in orange juice....She has 1 little baby....maybe 4-5 weeks old...solid creamy white with blue eyes...color of vanilla we named her Puddin'.....and then a grey tabby named her Grace. They had on collars but no identification. This area is known for dropping off unwanted animals. The baby has a severe wound on her little tummy...they suspect a spider bite...or just a really bad infection from a wound. She is being treated. Momma cat is thin but otherwise healthy. Grace has milk like she may have just had babies but no babies were with her so she either had them in the woods where she was found....or owners did something with the babies before dropping her off (UGGGHHH I dont even want to think about that).~

~Im taking pics here in a few minutes to show everyone but they are very beautiful cats and highly adoptable~ WISH me luck that I can GIVE them up when the time comes!~
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would just like to say good luck and that they are soooooo beautiful
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~New Pics~

Whose Baby Is This?

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aw bless there a close nit family , it would be a shame if they were to be split apart. they sure are beautiful. was i seeing right , there sharing the baby?
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~Yes they share the baby. Its 2 auntie's sharing the lil one. I dont know for sure which mom is really Puddins mom...we assume Juicy because of the coloring but both females have alot of milk...and they were found in the woods...just the 3 of them so its obvious one of the moms babies didnt make it...or were lose somehow...I have told the rescue group I work with that if they cannot find a home where the trio can stay together....that I would simply adopt them myself so they could.....! Hubby is saying NO NO NO and Im saying YES YES YES.....He may wear the pants in the family but I control the zipper haha! So YES YES YES! I hope they do find them a nice family but the chances of somebody wanting all 3 of the girls is maybe just maybe I will end up with them for good!~
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What a gorgeous group! It's so fabulous that both the ladies are taking care of the kitten.
Thank you for taking them in! Some people are so disgusting just throwing away their pets like they are trash. It makes me so angry.
Thank god they found you!!!!

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This would be a prime opportunity to foster some orphans, with 2 nursing moms and only 1 kitten. Just a thought. It is so good of you to take this little family in to your home. Bless your heart and good vibes to all of you.
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They are so sweet! I hope everything works out and they find a wonderful home together.
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They are so precious! Just look at that little one with two mamas
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Adorable! I love the white/creamy coloured coats especially!!!! So good of you to take these babies in to foster.
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~Does the kitten look too old to be nursing? They told me they estimated her to be around 5-6 weeks old but she much larger than my kittens who are 5 weeks old today! I am calling today to the rescues to see if they have any bottle babies that would benefit from my 2 nursing moms. I think the grey female is pregnant. She has a small belly...the white female is definatly the mom to the other. She carries on main mothership to the baby but both care for her.~

~They are such sweet indoor cats. They act as if they have been inside all of their lives. I cant even fathom the previous owners and why they thrown them away in such a manor!~
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