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~New Foster Cats....Puddin', Juicy and Grace~

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~3 new fosters were brought to me today....they are all 3 females that were dropped out in the county where there are no houses the coal mines.....The one is creamy white.....with orange points and blue eyes...We named her Juicy because the kids said she looked like her face was dipped in orange juice....She has 1 little baby....maybe 4-5 weeks old...solid creamy white with blue eyes...color of vanilla we named her Puddin'.....and then a grey tabby named her Grace. They had on collars but no identification. This area is known for dropping off unwanted animals. The baby has a severe wound on her little tummy...they suspect a spider bite...or just a really bad infection from a wound. She is being treated. Momma cat is thin but otherwise healthy. Grace has milk like she may have just had babies but no babies were with her so she either had them in the woods where she was found....or owners did something with the babies before dropping her off (UGGGHHH I dont even want to think about that).~

~Im taking pics here in a few minutes to show everyone but they are very beautiful cats and highly adoptable~ WISH me luck that I can GIVE them up when the time comes!~
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aww bless you , lets hope that grace had healthy kittens that were homed.
i still find it hard to belive that people can do this (even though i know first hand)
at least there safe and warm now cant wait to see pictures
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~Sad thing is the vet said she had JUST had kittens within the last week....not sure how long they had been out in the woods so not sure if she had them out there....or if the last owners did something aweful or dropped them where they dropped the cats at...and they wandered away from them>??? She keeps looking around the room making this pain staking meooowww like she is looking for her babies. Also her and the other cat BOTH have milk...and we arent real sure if she...or Juicy is the mom to the baby that was found with them because they BOTH nurse her. She is the color of Juicy and has the blue eyes like her so we assume she is Juicy's baby. I just hope the babies to Grace arent still out in the woods scared and alone waiting for mom to return! Were talking hundreds of acres so no way to find them if they are out there somewhere!~
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~The Grey tabby is so tall compared to my cats. She is tall and lanky....sleek looking. The 2 creamy color ones both have light orange points. Well here is pics~

Here is Puddin

Here is what we think is her mom Juicy...she is the same color is her..

and last but not least Grace
She is such a LONGGGGG cat

They are freaking out inside....meowing and scratching wanting out...but NO NO NO they are now inside kittys for GOOD!
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~Could the greyish female and the light pale female with orange be sisters? The grey stripe female has orange all through her color too....and Puddin is the same color as Juicy...creamy white with orange highlights nose and pale blue eyes.~
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Oh my gosh I want Puddin! She's beeeeyooooooootiful! It's a very, very good thing you're so far away...
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Oh my gosh I want Puddin'! She's beeyoooootiful! It's a very, very good thing you're so far away...
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~New Pics~

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Oh my goodness, they are gorgeous!!
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~Can you believe some heartless person dropped them off so far out in the woods that coyotes etc could have eaten them....they would have starved or died a horrible death. It just KILLS me to see this. They are BEAUTIFUL cats! They are so sweet and very friendly. They will curl right up in your lap and they were obviously house cats...why would someone do such a thing. The local rescues would have gladly taken them in because they look to be Siamese mixes etc and would have been highly adoptable.....some people! Sheesh! ~
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OhMyGosh!!! They're so cute!!!
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OMG, they are too precious!!! I'm in love with all of them! Bless you for fostering these sweet, innocent babies.
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Aww...Puddin' doesn't care who she nurses off of, does she? It probably helps Grace to have a kitten nurse...that way she won't miss her own so much.
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