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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Isn't it so cute when they nap? I for some reason feel so attached to Trout when she is peacefully snoozing..Its very calming to me.
Yup I feel the same! I love watching my girls sleep I especially love when they stretch out, sigh and go back to sleep again... ahhhh
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Sleeping on her huge pet pillow (originially bought for a greyhound but she uses all of it) in the middle of my living room floor while I'm watching season 3 of 24
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Doing the usual...sleeping. Earlier I was trying to play "catch" with Everest and that their birdie toy (you know the one with the stick and string) but the "kittens" idea of playing with it is to catch it then drag the entire thing out into the living room. Apparently, they don't need my help to play.
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The boys haven't settled down at all! THey are still hyper and have been all day - I guess my having finished my monday classes, they think I am there to play with them!
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She's now trying to jump high enough up to get the thumbtack holding up my wall calendar. And running around and now looking at somebody outside.
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Abby is passed out on the glass table in the dining room. Chynna is sitting in the hall... my cue to go and scoop her litter so she can go poop! LOL
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Boomer is headbutting a wall trying to catch the laser toy
Bumper is growling at the front door because my neighbour has let her cat out in the hallway again
Scully is sleeping in a box we used to carry groceries home in
Magnum is 'cleaning' his litterboxes
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Linus is playing with his toy mice, no doubt he will lose them under the tv stand or fridge soon and Sassy is laying in the center of the living room floor with his head resting on his stuffed bunny.
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Charlies on my bed grooming himself and licking in places i didn't need to see!
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Let's see....

Spike - curling up in a box that I just brought inside.
Leo - eating
Sasha - tending to her babies
Missy - out of the box wanting some attention

and all the rest are somewhere else in the basement, no doubt getting into something! lol.
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Sash's usual nighttime routine, he's alternating between sleeping and grooming on the sofa. He goes back and forth, sleep then groom, sleep some more than wake up and groom some more....
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Sash just came upstairs and he's now demanding his food... I better go help the little boy out.
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Noodles is trying to figure out how to get in my lap....ok she's now headed for the litterbox! Guess she changed her mine! Mooch is probably still chillin in her box in the living room. It's one of thoes cardboard bottoms that we got from buying a case of bottled water or something. We actually have 3at the moment but one is waiting for trash day to make it's exit. They are good for putting loose catnip for them so it's not so messy.
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It's funny to see how everyone's kitties are spending their day! My kitties are currently just starting kitty psycho hour for the evening...
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Kojak is curled up in my lap watching E.T. with me The other ones- i have no idea
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Now he's trying to be all cute. Hes pretending to be asleep but he keeps striing cute poses so ill rub his tummy
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