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What are your kitties doing RIGHT NOW

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Right this second they're all passed out from a vigorous psycho running around the house session.

Stumpy is curled up in the scratching post in the window in a sunny spot.

Smudge is curled up on the couch snuggled up to daddy's stinky hat.
Update: DH is now brushing her, and she's rolling around trying to figure out if she likes the brushing or not. She's purring and rolling around, but attacking the hat and rubbing her face against the hat and licking it at the same time.

Lily is curled up behind the couch having a snooze

What are your kitties up to?
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Well, Petunia is on my bed in front of the window sleeping and it's really quiet, so I am not sure where Pepper is. Actually, I better go find him now that you mention it.

Pepper is in the hall taking a bath apparently.
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My neighbors are out working in their yard. So...my girls, being the nosey brats that they are....are in the sunroom, spying on the neighbors while they work!
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one is playing in the litter box(i changed it all out this morning)
the other is bird watching
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Zebra and Milo are both sitting right behind me licking themselves. I have no idea where Big Milo is though, probably sleeping somewhere.
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Dino is snoozing at the back of the TV his new bed for some reason

Pepsi & Teddy are having a little chase about the garden

Miss Moofs is eating some kibble
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Well Joey was sitting nice under a tree, when all of a sudden he came up on the deck and brought Mommy a chipmunk We saved the chipmunk

Sophia and Sev are staring at us through the door begging to come outside
And Lucia is asleep on the kitchen chair!
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Velvet is sleeping on a piece of furniture in the guest bedroom

Isabella was sleeping in the kitty bed right beside Velvet hehe until i snapped a picture of those two together (it was too cute!!!) the she gave me a go to you know where look and ran off to sulk under the bed

Jasmine is trying to eat one of her kitty toys

Kojak took Izzy's place in the kitty bed beside Velvet when Izzy ran off to sulk

the foster kittens are all snuggled together in a big pile!!
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Cindy is snoozing on her chair about four feet from me. Suzy is outside tending SCB (Serious Cat Business) and Fawn is sacked out somewhere or other -- likely the livingroom.

Correction -- Suzy is at the window, demanding that the front door be opened for her convenience. I shall go respond to the summons.
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Clover was just in my doorway, and now I can hear her meowing in the kitchen..

Lu and Stinky are in the living room and Sassy is sleeping on the bed in the other room.
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Sniffing my pant leg meowing... I just got home from work.
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Sleeping seems to be the activity of choice! That's what all of ours are doing, too.

Clyde is curled up in the top of the living room kitty tree with his long, long legs all in a tangle over the side...

Dylan is sprawled on his back on the sofa, all four paws in mid-air...

Sassy is lounging on the kitty-shelf in the breakfast-room window...

Miss Abby is lounging similarly on her little kitty sofa in Papa's room...

St. John is fast asleep with my mom in her room (those two are an item)...

...and Pearlygirl just curled up around my right foot.

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Update- the foster kittens have woken from their slumber and are now SCREAMING at the top of their lungs Guess i have to go feed them now
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I just heard a hiss so I gather Ari is tormenting Topaz.
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update on the Spanish Gang

Dino is on Desk Buddy Duties - but guess what - hes sleeping
Pepsi is asleep one one of the scratch mats shame
Teddy & Miss Moofs have gone out for their nightly adventure - is gone 9pm here
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Gracie is asleep on my Mom's bed, Casey is at his favorite activity, begging for food!
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Rosie is fast asleep in their bed behind me, and Sophie is sitting on the mouse mat looking at the words being typed on the screen, but i've only got a 1" strip to rest my mouse on
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Sebastian is curled up in the small cat bed, feet hanging out. Daphne is snoozing on the cat tree after a exhausting bout of Attack the Rope.
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8-Bit is in the computer room with me and the other two are playing watch over DH. He just bought a new kitty tower for them and is building it. Pictures to follow...
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Ooooh how exciting!! Can't wait to see pics! I bet they'll love it
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Mittens was stalking Cassy, ready to pounce on her. Bad kitty.

Mittens also pooped in the dining room ON THE CARPET because she got jealous again. I don't think it was a Mother's Day gift either.

Cassy is walking from window to window looking for bugs to bat--------- she REALLY wants to bat Mittens once and for all, to get it over with.
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The boys have just finished their morning crazies. Now Peedoodle is resting on my book bag. Kahu is sitting on the arm of the couch and watching the school kids walk past (there is a high school just down the road and a primary school across the road)

They were crazy for longer than their usual time. I wonder what's up!
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Cindy is still in her chair, snoozing. Fawn has been out and come back in the cat flap, chattering a blue streak (unlike her) and is now curled up a few feet away in the doorway, snoozing. Suzy...? likely upstairs on Rob's printer, snoozing.

How can we tell it's the middle of the day?
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Update: Cassy is telling me to get OFF the computer, and FEED her. So much for my relaxing time. I can't relax even on Mother's Day.
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Kahu has gotten his second wind and is having an attack of the crazies again.
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Trout is having a snooze on my bed
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Harley is at the patio window watching the birds, and Bayley is in the chair in the living room taking a little nap
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Harley is at the patio window watching the birds, and Bayley is in the chair in the living room taking a little nap
Isn't it so cute when they nap? I for some reason feel so attached to Trout when she is peacefully snoozing..Its very calming to me.
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NoNo is upstairs asleep with her babies.....the new foster cats...Juicy, Puddin' and Grace are on the couch asleep...Puddin is sippin alittle milk from her Auntie Grace while her mom Juicy catches a quick NAP on Mothers Day! Oreo is sitting in the window looking at the birds. Abby and Bartyll the Yorkies are on my bed napping...haha now if I could just get my 3 two legged animals to take a darn nap right now Id have it MADE!

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Gracie's on a big adventure down in the basement, where she likes to go when I'm doing laundry. Peter and Claire are napping on the cat tree in front of the living room window, enjoying the view and the cool breeze. My foster boy, Sam, is close by on the window sill. Katie is under the bed avoiding the younger kitties.
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