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Well, just an update. Last Wednesday we brought Dozer to the vet cuz he wasn't pooping. They did an X-ray and an enema and found that he had some feces in him.. he pooped while at the vet (a big one) but ... well, it has been... 4 days now and he hasn't gone again. I'll be calling the vet again Monday to let him know.
*huff* It's pretty frustrating! But besides that Dozer seems to be just fine. He has started running and jumping and his teeth are in. He's using the litter box and hasn't had any accidents in two days! We have him on 2nd Step formula and he's transitioning well into it. Cat just won't poop!
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thank you for the update on Dozer, I read how you found the little guy. It is so lucky to have you two.

It is frustrating when the little ones won't poop. Sometimes if you get some human baby glycerin suppositories, slice it into a little sliver and then just manually stimulate (ie insert the sliver into his rectum), just that physical insertion will stimulate them to poop. You don't even need to let the suppository sit in there and actually soften the poop like it is supposed to work.

As the vet about this when you call tomorrow.

Oh, I know I speak for everyone when I say.......we would love MORE PICTURES PLEASE
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aww little Dozer aint pooping well I hope the vet can help you with a permanent solution for him

.......and I agree with kittymonsters......... photos pleeese aww go on !!
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Hooray! When I went into his room (one of our bathrooms) today, I noticed a little surprise in the litterbox (which he has been using wonderfully!). Two poops! One was bigger and looked dark and the other was smaller and was more normal-looking (the kind of a little yellowish color I had heard babies have cuz of the formula). I was really happy to see it. I'm going to call today and let the vet know... still keeping an eye on him, though, of course.

I'll post some more pictures soon. ^_^ We have a bunch.
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Thank goodness he seems to be back to normal!! Thanks for the update.
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hey ! great news.......bless the little fella, he's doing real well
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As a side note, our other cat, Rosa, walked out the front door on Sunday. My boyfriend went outside to put the trash out and said he'd meet me at the truck. I was so busy with Dozer that I didn't notice but I think the wind held the door open just long enough for Rosa to saunter outside onto the porch (we live on the 3rd floor of an apartment that opens up to outside from the front door). When I turned around the wind had already closed the door so I thought nothing of it. She can be shy and skittish so I assumed she was hiding somewhere and I left.

Three hours later, my boyfriend and I returned home and we heard some strange mewing when we got up to the door. I got nervous that Dozer had escaped the bathroom so rushed in. But he was fine. Two minutes later, Ryan started looking for Rosa. Nowhere to be found. I started to panic (naturally) and told him to go back out and see if that was her crying while I searched all the nooks and crannies. In he walked holding Fatty (Rosa)... she had walked out the door and must have just strolled over to the neighbor's door to take a nap in the sun. He said she was just standing there crying and wouldn't walk towards him when he called her. Silly thing. We were both relieved. But also really lucky that she stayed on the third floor and no one is living in the apartment next door who would take her.

Hooray for Dozer poop and Rosa not getting lost this weekend!
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