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moved cat from home of 4

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I was living with some friends for 5 months who had 4 cats. I became quite bonded with one of the cats in that home.

This female cat was a newcomer to the household, like me, and trying to fit in with 3 other very settled cats -- 2 females & 1 male. When I moved out of that home 1 month ago I took this cat with me. Since I travel about 50% of the time my friends and I thought we'd do a share ownership of this cat.

I'm trying to introduce her to my home for the second time this month and I'm not sure if it is going to work.

She walks around my new home crying. We had never even heard her voice before now. She was very, very quiet.

Further, she has become very needy and keeps me up at night with clawing and pushing on me, licking my face, and playful biting.

I love this cat very much and want her with me but I'm concerned that this may not be the right decision for her.

Is she acting this way becuase she misses the 3 other cats?

Is this just an adjustment phase? How much time will it take for her to adjust to the new environment?

Is the crying her way of calling for other cats? Will this stop?

Will the cat adjust to the share ownership (50% of the time at my house, alone, and 50% at my friends with 3 other cats)?

Help! I want her to be happy.
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It sounds to me like your kitty is lonesome for the other cats. Have you considered possibly taking another kitty along with you to your house to keep her company? That might just be the answer. Good luck and keep us posted.
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Steph; I think Donna had theright idea. Try taking home more than one cat for starters. Also, I know this may sound stupid, but get her a toy cat or a beanie baby to sleep with and carry around when she is at yuour house, and believe it or not she will look forward to visiting your place and her new "friend"
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It really sounds like she is lonley for her friends. I would really consider having another cat for her.
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I moved this thread to the behavior forum, I hope that's alright....we are really glad you have joined us, and it sounds like you are getting some good advice! Good luck!
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