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another update

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well i weighed the kittens as it seemed like one is a runt , and unless i took the weights wrong y/day none have gained and the runt has lost 1/2 ounce.
y/day they was all 4oz ( i only did quick weights though) and today the 3 black ones are the same 4oz and the runt is 3 1/2 ounces. they all seem to be feeding fine a cupple of the black ones do cry a bit but thats mainly because they have wondered to the other side of the couburd.
i think what i would like advice on is should i see how his weight is tomorrow before worrying? iv never had a kitten lose before now apart from a tiny tiny prem bottle baby who didnt make it.
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ok done the weights and his back to 4oz so not sure if my scales are working , but there all feeding and not constantly crying so again im worrying over nothing.
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Its so easy to worry isn't it. I am in same position as you. I have one smaller one thats not gaining. She's 20g behind the others now so i am a bit concerned. Hope your babies are doing well!
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aww Tasha - you are a great mum
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