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Injured Kitten

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This was on the news last night. What is horrible is this story is not an isolated event and have been reported weekly in the Toronto news lately.

What is even sadder is the fact that they won't probably find who did this. Even if they catch the person, how can a $2000 fine even have any effect on this person ???? Plus, I have never heard of any jail sentence for an animal abuser. This past summer, there was a large trial of 2 teens who skinned a cat LIVE while videotaping the event. Nothing really happened to the teens in the end.

It's just another slap on the hand and go on your merry way...

Kitten Set On Fire
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I can't read that story. I heard it on the news this morning. And the TV showed someone holding the kitty. The poor thing just looked scared to death. Did they say that the people who found it are adopting it?
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Yeah, the person who found the kitten is adopting it. Plus, the animal hospital has received many donations for the vet bill from across Canada.

I'll drop off my donation this weekend.

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That is so sad. At least this kitty has a chance to get better, get the medical care she needs, and the chance for a good home.

People who do things like that make me ill. Down in the US there are many states that are finally making animal cruelty a felony. Most still treat is as a misdemeanor, slap on the hand thing. Thankfully, Colorado is one that did make it a felony, as of this fall. There needs to be harsher punishment for this type of thing.
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Kassandra, The thoughts of the suffering this baby has gone through are too awful to bear. I am so grateful for the kindness of the people who have donated and the gentle hands of the vet techs. I pray that the dear people who want to adopt this kitten are able to make him forget the cruelty life has dealt him so far.

As for the criminal who did it? Six months would be a laugh, if they could catch him. Arizona has posted a strict law now, too. I hope all of Canada and the U.S. make it so rough on animal abusers that it is no longer worth the "pleasure" (how sick) they get from hurting the innocent.
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I totally don't understand the psycological understanding of these people. WHY would they hurt an innocent being? whether animal or child. What kind of satisfaction do they get from this? It's sick, it's twisted and it makes me so angry . There should be equal punishment for those who hurt others smaller than them. A slap on the wrist is not going to do ANYTHING! ooooh whoop-de-do a $2000 fine, well here you go. It's so dumb. I can't believe that people actually think that animals don't feel pain. It's SO retarded...and so are they.
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Originally posted by Tamme
I can't believe that people actually think that animals don't feel pain.
The scary thing is that I am sure this sick bas#$@d hurt the kitten because he KNEW it would cause pain.

I have to believe that this sick person will get his in the end and that he will be just as hurt as the kitten he burned.
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This is just dispicable, my heart aches for that poor little kitten
I am glad that the lady who found the kitten had the sense to take her immediately to the vets, and that she offered to adopt the poor baby, hopefully the kitten will learn eventually that not all humans are to be feared, and will have a happy little life.

I agree that punsihment for this sort of thing is ridiculous! a FINE, wow, that'll really teach him...., MAYBE 6 months in jail - but MAYBE NOT, and MAYBE the culpret (if they find him) won't be allowed to keep animals for TWO years... wow....a whole two years....
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The kitten nicknamed "Krista" by her caregivers died over the weekend.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare is distraught over the death and is offering a $2,500 reward for information on whoever is responsible for killing Krista. Under current law, Krista’s killer(s) could only get a $2,000 fine and up to six months in jail. A bill that could change that is currently stalled in the Senate.

If you would like to see the news footage and Krista you can click the link below. Choose 56K or Highspeed connection to watch the video.

Krista News Footage
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I can't read that story. I got a couple of lines into it and couldn't continue. The immense sense of anger that I feel when I read something like that never ceases to surprise me, as I am the most un-angry person you could meet.

But this was anger mixed with sickness and mixed with an unhealthy desire to do some damage to the person that perpetrated this vicious attack on a completely helpless little creature.

And in these instances I do believe in an eye for an eye. It's not very christian I know, but I'm typing with Ferdy sat on my lap washing his face - I look at him and I swear, I would KILL anybody that tried to hurt him. I would have no compunction about 'saying stuff the consequences, I'm going to make sure you never hurt an animal again'.
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Rest in Peace little Krista. I only hope that her last moments were in the loving arms of someone who cared. At least now she knows no pain, and no one can ever hurt her again.
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That poor little soul I really dislike humans.
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I just wish we had a happy ending on occasion, and I thought this would be it. Bless poor little Krista and the kind woman who was adopting her. This is too much! Yola, I couldn't finish it either. I hope someone collects that reward--soon!!
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Throughout my life I have come to strongly believe that things happen for a reason. Of course, I wish no harm to any human or animal. But if there is a bright side to this story, "Krista's" tragic suffering is front and center in the mind's of everyone who heard the story. The good of some of the population was shown in the caregivers and the people who helped the kitten in her final days.

More awareness on the subject of animal cruelty has happened and maybe now a positive step will happen with getting the bill passed in the Senate. Then if animal suffering happens in the future it will come at a very high price.

This has been long overdue.
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Russian Blue:

Is that a normal occurrence in Canada, that animal abusers just don't get jail sentences?
Is it that they WONT be given out, or that they have just never done it?

How horrible. You know that sicko is one step closer doing it to a human next time.
Maybe a $2,000 fine, and admission to a insane asylum for the rest of his life.
Then again, maybe his life would be better in jail, heck, you get a roof over your head, constant food, internet, cable and a place to work out. Some of them have it better than most homeless people.
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Originally posted by AngelzOO
Russian Blue:

Is that a normal occurrence in Canada, that animal abusers just don't get jail sentences?
Is it that they WONT be given out, or that they have just never done it?

I am by no means an authority on what jail sentences have been given out in Canada in the past. Really, it's only in the last year that I have started paying attention to news reports regarding animal welfare. I found an interesting link that will answer some of your questions. It will show you what kind of legislation Canada currently has and Bill C-10 that is trying to be passed now.

Just to show you how unjust things stand right now, our legislation regarding cruelty to animals under the Criminal Code of Canada was last written in 1892! Here's a summary of Bill C-10:

*moves animals out of the property section of the Code and into a new section created just for animal cruelty offences

*allows crimes of killing, harming or neglecting any species of animal to be charged as an indictable offence or punished by summary conviction. In the current Code, only crimes against cattle are considered an indictable offence carrying a maximum prison term of 5 years. Crimes against all other animals are currently punishable on the less serious offence of summary conviction, which carries a maximum prison term of 6 months.

*allows summary conviction offences for crimes of killing or harming animals to be punished by up to 18 months. The maximum sentence in the Criminal Code for summary conviction offences is normally six months.

*provides a maximum prison term of 5 years for offences charged as indictable offences for killing or harming animals, while indictable offences for neglect have a maximum of 2 years.

*allows up to a lifetime prohibition on future animal ownership and a minimum of five year prohibition for second or subsequent offences

*allows judges to order anyone convicted of cruelty to animals to pay restitution (for instance veterinary bills and shelter costs) to the animal welfare organization that cared for the animal(s)
makes it an offence to brutally or viciously kill an animal

You can read more at the following link:

Animals and the Canadian Criminal Code
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I am new to cat site and just read this story about the little kitten who was set on fire, I am also mad about this. I had a cat, a man in my moble home park,who traped and then shot him in the head because he got in his garbage,instead of coming to me so I could handle this.He got no jail time or fine,because no one saw him do it,he just bragged about it, would not say he did it to the cops.I could not prove he did it. I will never forget my cat White Hawk.
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Oh Sherral that's horrible!

I would have found a way to wreak revenge on a $h!tbag like that. Your poor poor kitty - there is absolutely NO excuse for that at all.
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That evil sick person. Your poor cat. Darn I would have been round and shot him in the knees (sorry old gangland memories coming up). Some 'person' threw a rock at Suki, I caught them and broke their nose. Not the best thing to do I know but he won't do it again.

Apologises to anyone who disagrees with my methods but you have to protect your own.
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Sherral, that is HORRIBLE! Poor baby! I can't believe nothing was done (legally I mean ) to that jerk. I'm very afraid that I would react much the same way as BuNN if someone ever hurt my babies...
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