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Joey teaching how to HUNT!!

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You have to be very still

Then you make your move very slowly


Shoot I missed it!

I think I will just relax in the sun for a while:
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Joey is certainly the master of bug-hunts

he's looking really well and his fur is coming back good too bless him
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Awww, look at him enjoying the sunshine!!
post #4 of 19's so good to see him acting like himself....

Louie has the same stripe down his tail...
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Oh Hey Helen those are Great, Joey looks really good to me
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What a nice group of hunting shots - and of course, every serious hunter must take time out to relax after his exertions! He looks great!
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Awwwwwwww look at that sweet Joey ...... He looks really good Helen.
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Awww bless him. He certainly looks great there soaking up the sun Helen
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That's my kind of hunting.... miss once, give up and lay in the sun!
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Awwww look at his belly! It must feel so nice though with the sun warming his bare belly

Considering everything he's been through recently, he's looking pretty content and very healthy! I guess as long as he's at home, he thinks life is pretty good!
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eeheh cute
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What a cutie!
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awww- he's soo handsome!!!
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Look at that soft belly!
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He has such a disappointed look on his face! But he is looking great, Helen.
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How cute!!!! Very pretty cat, and great pictures!!!!
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He is looking so good (and happy) in the pics!
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He is gorgeous! I love the last pic!
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Nice to see him looking so happy.
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