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Some outside FUN with Sev!

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I am hiding right now, yes I am BTW, Sev got a haircut!

What Ma, I didn't do anything

The fine art of catching bugs!
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aww what a handsome boy Sev is especially with his latest Lion Hair cut

he is such a treasure
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Awww, I love the 2nd one- he's so gorgeous Helen!
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p.s just noticed that cute freckle in the middle of his nose sweet.......
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omg Helen.....I could just melt in his eyes! They are SOOOO dreamy!
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Look at that sweetness, hes got a lion cut now he thinks hes got to hunt like a lion Hes just so gorgeous
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Sev has THE most mesmerizing eyes! Handsome boy

And I love his new haircut!!!! So cute!!!!!!!! He really does look like a lion now!
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OMG he is adorable and that reminds me to make an appointment for Magnum's haircut too
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Ooooooooooooooooooh look at him!!!!. He looks like a little kitten with his new hair cut I bet he's bouncing about like a little spring lamb with all his fur off?.
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omg!!! his little lion cut is toooooooo cute!!!!!
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It's the rare miniature long haired poodle!
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He is just gorgeous! I love his new haircut!
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fast run!!! there is lion in the yard
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Doesn't he look great with his summer "do"! And still retaining his majestic masculinity!
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
fast run!!! there is lion in the yard
OMG you are so funny, Bruce!
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Awe sev, u are so gorgeous, what a cutie pie
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Sev's haircut looks great! He's so handsome.
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Oh, I want to pick him up and SNUGGLE that boy!!!
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Nice new do! Great pics!
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OMG! I love that first picture. What a sweet innocent face Sev has. Cute freckle too
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