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Lap cat's aggressive dismount

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I have 2 five-year old male cats from the same litter who get along great (Batman and Robert). I got them at 5 months from the Humaine Society. They were neutered at 6 months. I think they were mistreated as young kittens because they would never sit on my lap. Batman still won't but Bobby started to become a lap cat after about 2 years. Unfortunately, whenever Bobby leaves my lap, he does it extremely aggressively. He'll dig his back claws in and push off as hard and as fast as he can. He does not do this with my partner or anyone else. Just me. I am also the one he will usually choose to sit on. At this point, my legs are full of claw marks and I'm at the point where I don't want him on me anymore. It really sucks because he's incredibly affectionate otherwise. When he leaves my lap, it is not usually because he is startled or over-stimulated. I feel like I'm punishing him by not allowing him to sit on me because he always wants to come back up, but then I get it again and I'm at the end of my rope. Of the 2 cats, Bobby is the moody one who hates being held. Batman hates it too but unlike Bobby, would never use his claws to get away. Consequently, I rarely pick either of them up. Does anyone have any idea why Bobby continues to impale his claws into my lap (and mine alone) when dismounting? Any help would be appreciated. I love him to bits but will not continue to take this for much longer.
Signed: Bleeding in Toronto.
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Hi! Welcome to TCS!

I don't have much of a solution for you, but do you clip your cats nails? That could help lessen the pain inflicted on you. Or maybe even get some SoftPaws/Claws for him. That way you can both enjoy the time spent together!

As for why he does this, I have no idea. Someone else may though!
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I only clip the front ones. Should I be doing the back ones too?
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hello and welcome to the site !

I agree with KittyLovinKrys maybe clipping or soft-claws might help all a bit strange really, do you think he bolts from you to get to something...... have you noticed a noise, like a door closing or opening - one of mine bolts from me when a cupboard door is opened cos he thinks hes gonna get kibble

Well I hope you come up with a solution thats suits you all

Keep us posted and if you get time maybe you could post us some photos in Fur Picture Forum located under the Cat Lounge Forum
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I clip our cats' back ones when DH complains about the same thing you are talking about. He will look over at me with this pained look on his face and say it is time to clip them.
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Sometimes there's a noise involved (doorbell, etc) but not usually.
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you should always do 4 feet, not just fronts. I can't imagine what's going on with the back claws if you never (rarely) trim them. Do you have appropriate sisal posts for scratching?

I do all claws on my cat, and he's a polydactyl (he has 26 claws). I even trim the poly claws, even though they do not touch anything (they grow just as fast, if not faster).
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Common occurance I am afraid in many stray cats. When they leap, the use their claws for leverage. Keep a thick towel nearby, and before the cat settles on your lap, place the towel down. Don't bother about washing it all the time either, they jump up on it more if it carries their scent mingled with yours. We have three claw diggers over here, my inner and outer thighs had deep scratches on regular intervals till I started using the towel. And yes, I clip Rocky, Sierra and Everest's claws routinely. Doesn't help much.
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My sister helps me clip my cats nails, but I have light scratches anyway.
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