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Originally Posted by sofiecusion View Post
I got a 30 GB ipod so I can carry more songs. My fiance found a feature in itunes that will allow you to see how many times you will actually listen to songs all the way through, and tell you which ones you don't skip the most often. I don't have a favorite, but definitely have "prefrences".
If you click on 'Play List' on the top list to the right then it seperates the songs into how many times they have been played- my top two are 'Short, Fast and Loud' by Fall Out Boy and 'The Story So Far' by New Found Glory

Glad to see Amy Winehouse get a mention- I'm about to put her on my iPod and a friend at work was drinking with her recently
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Hands open by Snow Patrol

I swore when i met a moron at my work placement last year who loved the band, that i wouldn't like them or their chasing cars song. Now that ive left there and they have this up tempo song i really like it
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My favorites are

Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield
Glamorous- Fergie
Girlfriend- Avril Lavinge (My nieces friend is Avril's 2nd cousin)
Savin Me- Nickleback
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Anything upbeat!! Ummm.....Summer Love is a great one!!

Theres a few more but I dont know the person who sings them!!
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