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A bit speechless

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That's really too bad, I feel sorry for that family having to lose their long time family pet in such a stupid manner.

That ACO was a moron for making an assumption and not following established procedure.
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retraining is being provided? He ignored it the first time - why waste the money

How would he feel if we decided he was old and unkept and just killed him
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he did the dirty deed at his own home he needs firing not retraining - aren't they supposed to take cats into one of their centers 1st and wait so many days to see if theres an owner

my thoughts and condolences go to the family and the remaining kitty, what an unnecessary, huge crying shame
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Procedures are in place so idiotic decisions aren't made. I think he should be fired for not following those procedures. My heart breaks for the family.
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Sadly I've heard too many stories like this relating to the rspca It's not the first I've heard of cats being pts in this way, or owned cats being taken and rehomed very quickly. It's totally unforgiveable to take a cat from a garden like that and pts. If the person involved believed the cat was suffering then he should have taken it to a vet.

The report is a bit confusing though as it talks about an rspca inspector to begin with, then towards the end it refers to an animal collection officer. Two different jobs.
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Jeez...all the more reason to keep our cats indoors...first foxes and other animal attacking cats, then cars, then cat thieves,...now RSPCA inspectors! Some may say that is not a fair reflection of the RSPCA....I know they do good work generally but they are trained to know better. They can at least show they are the good organisation everyone thinks they are by firing this guy, compensating the family (although their loss will never truly be compensated for) and making it publicly aware that such a thing will never happen again.

RIP Mork
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I read this earlier, and was gobsmacked. Not only does he not give it long enough to find an owner, but he euthanases believing it is old and suffering - why not take it to the vet to make sure, even if the cat had a health condition (not mentioned), it might have been treatable.
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I did know they were allowed to euthanize, I thought it had to be done by a vet.
I have thought for years that they were a highly over-rated organisation, but this is just ridiculous.
That inspector could come in my garden and I would put him out of his misery.
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
I did know they were allowed to euthanize, I thought it had to be done by a vet.
I have thought for years that they were a highly over-rated organisation, but this is just ridiculous.
That inspector could come in my garden and I would put him out of his misery.
nope, anyone with a euthanisia license can euthanize but they can only do it if they are employed by a vet or a shelter that can euthanize. I was actually thinking about getting my license along with a few other things but I don't think I can handle the job on a regular basis.

This is a terrible thing to happen. I can't believe they just euthanized him so fast! Without even knocking on a few neighbors doors to see if the cat looked familar to anyone. How incredibly RUDE of the new neighbors to just call the RSPCA so fast. Way to become the most hated neighbor in the neighborhood really quickley...
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I don't think it works like that here (UK)
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That makes me sooo mad!! You should always ask around your area first before calling! Unless you can tell it has been abused, abandoned, is hurt, etc. How can he tell it is ill?? Is he a vet now??? What a moron!
I think he should have been fired. He is an idiot to the point where he shows no remorse especially how he delivered the cat back to them! He should not be anywhere near animals.
I feel for the family and their only cat. She will not understand why he is gone and I hope she can recover.
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Oh God how awful And this is why i never support the RSPCA because their too quick to put animals to sleep anyway

I'd be taking legal action as well.
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That stupid son of a gun! He didn't even check to see if the cat had a home!!!
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He should be getting the lethal injection.
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Incidentally, not all RSPCA volunteers are so quick to pts - the rescue's local one has homed cats up to hte age of 21. Although my local one claim that anything they get in over the age of 12 is too poorly and have had to pts, which i do find hard to believe.
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I am deeply shocked that this man is still in a job- the RSPCA will get no money from me
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Nor will they get any from me, I am disgusted by this man's actions, but even more disgusted that he still works for the RSPCA.
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wow, that is so tragic RIP Mork, I can't even begin to describe my feelings towards this.... person. I agree completely that he should have fired on the spot
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So nice of the new neighbor and such a great way to make new friends in a new neighborhood. So she saw a cat in her garden, what is the big deal with that that she felt the need to report it?
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Originally Posted by ckblv View Post
So nice of the new neighbor and such a great way to make new friends in a new neighborhood. So she saw a cat in her garden, what is the big deal with that that she felt the need to report it?
Exactly. What is wrong with people? I swear, some folks just have a vendetta about cats, and will do anything to do them harm.
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The RSPCA can put animals to sleep,even by shooting,even if they have just 'taken the animal into care'.
The 'animal collection officer' the 'Inspector','Chief Inspector and 'Superintendant' all have training
to carry out a euthanisation whenever and wherever they 'see fit' if they have nowhere to suitably
house the animal or if the animal is 'deemed' sick or ill or aged, they do not have to take the animal
to see a vet to make a decision,the reason?to prevent suffering.


RSPCA people wear uniforms and have 'titles' which gives the public the 'impression' that they have
'legal powers' when in fact they have no more legal powers than any ordinary person.
Some of these 'people' who work for the RSPCA seem to think it ok to steal somebodys pet and euthanise
it.because effectively that is what that inspector has done,because that cat was their property.
Will the police prosecute for theft?No ! why? because the police seem to think they must be acting
in the best interests of the animal,and yet if an ordinary person were to steal somebodys pet they
would be prosecuted for theft and criminal damage to property..even if they were acting to prevent

The charities commision is the 'regulator' of charities but unlike the telecom regulator or energy regulator
the charities commision does not have the power to impose changes,so effectively they are toothless.
so the RSPCA is unregulated.
Here is a petition that aims to get a public inquiry into the policies of the RSPCA,only uk residents can
sign the petition,but feel free to crosspost on other boards.

There are people working in the RSPCA who are trying to change things but that change can only
happen when members of the society vote for the changes.
A local branch of my RSPCA are crying out for new members to join forces and vote out the committee
members of the board who will not make changes.
Instead of not donating to the RSPCA why not become a member of your local RSPCA and vote for
the changes they desperately want.

The RSPCA keep records of all the collections of animals and have log numbers,that is the only reason
why Morks owners have proof of wrongdoing,It's a shame other major animal charities aren't as stringent
with their records otherwise we would be hearing a lot of their wrongdoings and criminalities.
IMO it is never safe to let any pet outdoors.because people never know when that call to a animal charity
is going to be made and depending on which charity and who gets the call will depend on wether they ever
find out what happened to their pet.
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I wouldn't blame the neighbour because while it's true that she should maybe have spent a bit of time finding out whether the cat belonged to a neighbour before calling the rspca, I'm guessing she'd have no idea that the cat could be pts like that. The speed with which the rspca sometimes euthanases animals isn't common knowledge and she probably thought she was doing the right thing by the cat in case it was a stray. Indeed, the fact that the rspca put cats to sleep at all (other than sick cats with no hope of recovery) isn't something the average member of the public is aware of.
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