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I'm a new member and I would like to ask for prayers for my kitty, Shannon. Shannon had the I-131 treatment for hyperthyroid in January. In February, her follow up was perfect. Saturday, I received a call that Shannon's kidney panel did not come back as well as we would have liked. Her BUN was 49 and her creatinine was 3. Does anyone have any information which might help? Please keep Shannon in your prayers. She means the world to me. Thanks.

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Hi Peg

I PM'd you.

You and Shannon are definitely in my prayers!

Pookie & the girls
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I hope Shannon is feelling better soon.

I am sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for you and Shannon.

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Sending lots of get well vibes for Shannon
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Just giving this a 'bump' so that it doesn't get missed by people who could help
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I was looking through the list of Cat Health Groups on Yahoo last night & I'm sure I saw at least one devoted to hyperthyroid conditions....

I am part of another Yahoo group focussed on CRF and I can see the value of that group to its members. Participants there are often familiar with other resources as well as practical advice/info....often more informed than many vets!

Here is one list of health-related groups you might look through:
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Peg, many prayers for you and your baby Shannon
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I am keeping sweet Shannon in my thoughts

also sending lots of positive healthy (((((( vibes ))))) for her

Keep us posted !

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I will keep Shannon in my thoughts and prayers. Also sending mega {{{{{healthy vibes}}}}}. Please keep us posted.
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I hope that Shannon recovers quickly! Sening out healthy cat vibes from sunny New Hampshire!
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Thanks to all for the thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate them.
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