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Drontal (de-worming) help....

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Hello all,
I have a question about Drontal. As all of you know, getting kitties to take pills is no easy task!
Anyhow, I thought Buddy would gobble down the wet-food/tuna/catnip mixture I had crushed his 1.5 tablets of Drontal into. The vet recommended this approach for him, since he doesn't like to be manhandled. No go. So I had to keep add tuna until he would even sniff it! Long story short, his mixture took 3 meals before he ate it, about a 36 hour span.
Do you think the meds had any affect? Or should I go get another dosage?
-Le Chat Noir
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that's what i did with chelsea. I once had a tapeworm problem too. Vet told me to keep giving it to her. it took 24 hours but it was all gone and now she's worm free
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Drontal is a very bad tasting pill. I'm a little surprised he finished all of the food. That must have been quite a bit of food to dilute the taste. Hey, at least you got it all in him.

I would say it probably worked, but maybe check with the vet if you have some doubts.

The last time Leopold needed Drontal, I cut the pills into 4 pieces and put each piece into a Pill Pocket. Leopold gobbled up his 6 "treats" happily. You might give that a try next time.... www.pillpockets.com
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The best way to pill a cat is to get a pill popper, scruff the cat and tilt the head back, then put the popper as far back into the cats mouth as you can see. Pop it and rub the throat a little to enduce swallowing. Do this all as quickley as possible.

I think he should be fine. Did you actually see the worms or is it a routine deworming?
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Oh I saw the worms(and the million little seasame seads)...the good news is I haven't seen any seeds in the past day
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