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A tribute to Jasmine (pic heavy)

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I suppose this is the last time i'd be posting pics of my beloved Jasmine, so i thought i'd make the most of it. Lots of these you have seen and some not. The go in order from younges to oldest. In the young ones she is 8-9 weeks old, and you can see the band of shaved hair on her belly when she was desexed. She was so beautiful. I hope you like the pictures.

A really cute video of Jazzy going crazy under the couch!

Baby photos

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Adult photos

with mum
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What a sweetie. Rest in peace Jasmine
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I`m so sorry for you.
She was such a pretty girl. Her colouring made it look like she was wearing mascara on one eye. Too cute.
I`m glad you have the video to look back at.
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It's so hard to say goodbye to someone so precious and beautiful to you, but I believe in someway she is still with you with all her beauty and grace
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she was very beautiful, sorry you had to say goodbye
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She's such a gorgeous girl, it makes it even harder to lose them when you've had them since they were tiny

I love the black splodge next to her nose, and her colouring in general is so pretty.

RIP sweet Jasmine.
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what a wonderful photo tribute to sweet Jasmine - you certainly have come wonderful memories and hopefully those memories will make you smile again

RIP Sweet one
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Jasmine you precious girl Rest in Peace, baby.
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She really was a gorgeous girl! Thank you for sharing her pictures.
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What a pretty and sweet girl she was!
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We'll miss you, pretty Jasmine.

What a lovely montage of photos for us to remember her by...
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Awwwwwww she's a real angel now over at the bridge
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She was beautiful!

RIP Jasmine
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