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dewormer ingredient

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Is Piperazine a good ingredient for getting rid of roundworms? I noticed it is the active ingredient in OTC dewormers, what is the active ingrdient in vet prescribed dewormers for roundworm? Anyone know?
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I'm trying to think....I believe the vets here use Pyrantel Pamoate(sp?) for roundworms. That is the active ingredient. This link has a little chart towards the bottom of dewormers & active ingredients if that helps any!
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hmm ok let me specify my question a little more. i know of the active ingredients on dewormers, what I am wondering is if the ones that are OTC have a good active ingredient for roundworms? Reason being is someone gave me a bottle of D-Worm I think it is called. Active ingrdient being Piperazine, is that as effective as the dewormers given specifically by a vet? Are the active ingredients the same?
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For roundworms, I am given Pyrantel Pamoate. That is the active ingredient. I am not familiar with D-Worm, although I have seen it in stores.
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Anything OTC is NOT as effective as the vet RX ....
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I had a cat die because of a sensitivity to Piperazine. I had used the product in the past for de-worming many ferals with no problem, but that one death taught me to stay away from the OTC products.

You can get Droncit and Drontal online which is what the vets use. Drontal is an all wormer that covers Round, Hook and Tape. Droncit is for Tape only. Panacur is an all wormer that vets also use when there seems to be a particularly resistant infestation.

My vet is aware of the products I use to treat and has given her blessings. She has me use Revolution flea treatment, (which covers Round, Hook, Mites and Heart), monthly, so the only worms I generally have to watch for anymore is Tape.

I recommend avoiding any products with Piperazine in them.
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I would never use OTC wormers. You don't know exactly what kind, if any, worms your cat may have. Please take them to the vet and get them checked and given the proper medicine.

Wormers are poison - are you willing to risk the wrong medicine?
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I usually just do the fecals if I need to, I dont bother taking them to the vet when it is unnecessary. But for kittens and cats who were strays I deworm them before they get adopted automatically. I think I have it straightened out now anyways. I figured Piperazine was in ineffective ingredient since that is what is in OTC dewormers and vet prescribed dewormers contain Pyrantal. I also have used Panacur cattle dewormer just with a much smaller dosage of course but it is all made up of Pyrantal. But for the record I ordered some Strongid and it should be in within the next few days and that is what I will be using since that is what vets use most commonly.

For the rescues, I could never afford to take them all to the vet just for a fecal. They get dewormed routinely and they get altered, I vaccinate myself and thats it unless there is an underlying problem that NEEDS to be seen by a vet.
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