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Bailey came home!

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Well, I went and got Bailey last night from the shelter. He is just 8 weeks old, and is an all gray tabby cat. My 18 month old Hymalayan (Guiness) isn't sure what to make of him. I put Bailey in the bathroom, with food, water, a litter box, a cushion bed and lots of toys, but all he does is cry to get out. When I let him out he's happy as can be roaming around the house. He's so affectionate and loves to be held. At first Guiness, who weighs 15 pounds was scared to death of Bailey, who weighs about 1 pound! But now when they are around each other Guiness takes every chance he gets to swat him in the head. Bailey never cries when he does this, but runs away. A couple of times Guiness has tackled him to the ground, and I break it up before I can see what would happen. I'm very nervous! I feel horriable locking him in the bathroom all the time, but everything I've read about this says to leave him in a small room by himself for a couple of weeks. He slept in there last night, but nobody got much sleep as he cried for most of the night. Am I doing the right thing by letting him cry in there? I want them to get along so badly. The bathroom is the only small room in the apartment, and is the only room we can use for him right now. Everytime we have to pee or take a shower he darts out of there as fast as he can, and the cycle starts all over when we put him back in. Is this normal?
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I'm going to put this in our behavior forum where you will get good advice on how to get the two introduced! Good luck!
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HI Sabrina,

It can work to bring them both together quickly, just sometimes it doesn't. But it sounds like the two of them have been together already? Basically you separate them in the beginning so the new cat can get vet checked and you can be reassured nothing new is being brought in to the resident cat. Sounds like in your situation, if Bailey has been vetted that putting them together now would be best.

As I am the one who normally talks about introducing cats over a period of weeks, that is because my area of expertise lies in feral cats and you treat them differently then you do shelter rescues or domestics. =) In your small area, Guiness may be upset because of the yowling that Bailey is doing. In your case, I would chance it and put them together just supervise what they are doing if you can. Good luck!
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Ok, thanks for all your advice. Bailey has been checked by the vet and they were taking very good care of him at the rescue place. I'm just so worried about Guiness hurting him. Guiness seems so stressed out ever since we brought Bailey home. He won't let us touch or go near him, when usually he wants to be held and kissed all day long! It breaks my heart because I thought they could be friends.....I know, it takes time. But if things don't change in the next week or so, I may have to give Bailey back.
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Sabrina, different cats adjust at a different pace. Please don't give up on Guiness and Bailey living happily together.

They may never been the best of friends, they may growl, hiss and swat but it's very rare that one cat will actually seriously attack the other in a domestic situation.

Guiness WILL settle down, it might just take him a little longer than most. He is obviously put out that you have brought a strange cat into your house. Try and get them to interact together and give them both treats - so they begin associating good things with behaving well towards each other.

I'm sure others will pitch in with thoughts and ideas on how you can make these two, if not best buddies, then at least tolerant of each other.
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Sabrina, just let them be and they'll work it out. I've been bringing home new cats, for years and, after some initial sniffing, hissing and growling, everybody has gotten along.

I've even brought in dogs and had no problems. Opie, my 4-year-old cat has even shared the couch with my Dalmatian, Ike. Opie won't play with Ike but, he tolerates him.

Rowdy, on the other hand, plays with everybody. She's 9 months old and her whole life is playing.
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I have found that they make a lot of noise and do a lot of posturing until they establish pecking order, then they are fine. Fred is my alpha, and it usually takes a growl and swat or 2, then he is holding down the newcomer, bathing it, before feeding it from his bowl. He usually is mad at me for a day or so, but always returns to his sweet, loving ways. I think your 2 will be fine with a little time and patience.
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Try trading scents with them. Rub Bailey with a towel make sure you rub everywhere, then go rub Guiness and then Bailey and then Guiness until the two cats are co-mingled in scent. You can also buy Feliway Spray and rub it on Guiness- not to much of it, but it will calm him down as well. I would venture to say that if you haven't had bloodshed yet, you won't.
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It sounds like Guiness is also telling the little one that he IS the alpha cat. That's what the bopping on the head and tackling is all about. Once that is well established, things should settle down a lot. Also, be sure to reassure Guiness that he is still alpha cat to you, too. Feed him first, play with him first, give him loves, give him a higher perch than the baby has. All of this will help to reassure him that his position in the household isn't threatened.
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