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I hope no real cats were chased by vacuums in the making of that!

I have one of each. Wickett runs and hides as soon as I get it out. Frankie only runs (and not very far) if it gets too close. I swept this weekend and she was on the end of the couch on the top cushion. When I started bumping that end w/ the sweeper she got up and moved... to the middle!
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I voted yes & no - because Harley doesn't care at all, and then there's Bayley - who runs from it! Harley lets me vacuum AROUND him!
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Oh yes, Trout is terrified of the vacuum
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Ophelia sees it come out, goes (quickly) into another room and gets up as high as possible. She's figured out that the Vacuum Monster can't climb.

Trent HATES it, and freaks out when he sees it. But he figures that the evil you know is better than the evil you don't, so he tries to keep an eye on it - usually from the doorway of whatever room is being vacuumed until it gets close. Then he'll give a warning hiss to it and run away.

I don't actually have firsthand knowledge of Ginger and Mojo with the Vacuum Monster. Since it kicks up dust and my allergies are bad enough as it is, Earl tries to vacuum when I'm not around.

The funniest thing I think I've ever seen in my life was when our last vacuum died. It literally came apart in Earl's hands. So it was sitting there in the living room, in pieces, and Trent decided that he had an advantage. The vacuum monster hadn't growled in a while, and it wasn't looking right. So he came up to it very cautiously, sniffed it, ran away. Sniffed it again, hissed, ran away. Came back, hissed, and BAP.....BAP BAP! He smacked it good! Satisfied that he had finally defeated the Vacuum Monster once and for all, he proudly came up to me on the couch and got his reward of snuggles and loves. He was SO proud of himself!
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
The kittens think the vacuum cleaner is a monster but the adults aren't afraid at all. They have all gotten used to it, they just think it's a loud visitor.
There was a cat show documentary on TV once, and one breeder/handler was talking about finding how which cats would be best suited to the show ring by how they responded to the vacuum cleaner. If they ran, they might not handle the noise and chaos of a show arena that well, but if they just sat there dozing off, they'd be fine. I thought it was interesting, and it made a whole lot of sense, lol

My 3 girls don't like the vacuum cleaner, but Buffy will actually stay in the room. Molly runs, Willow runs, even 60lb Jake runs. But Buffy will continue lying in her spot and may watch me warily, but she won't move. If I move the vacuum closer to the couch where she's lying, she'll get up and take off, but otherwise she's totally fine with it. If she runs off when I accidently move the vacuum too close to her, she'll even eventually come back into the room.
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I have/had 2 cats (Kuce and my RB cat Sphinx) that could care less if you vacuumed right under them and 2 cats (Lil' Jag and Luvbug) that freak out and hide under the farthest furniture in the farthest room possible.
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My cats run from the vacuum before I even turn it on. I wish they would let me vacuum the cat hair off of them!
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