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The Evil Vacuum

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Does your cat(s) think the vacuum is evil. Here's a funny video which pretty much describes Puff's reaction.

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Hee! That was good! I have 1 that it scares the heck out of, 2 who just don't like it, and a 4th who only gets annoyed with it when you're vacuuming under her chair , so I voted "other".
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It's good to have 2 votes

I voted yes and no - Smudge doesn't care at all about the vacuum, Stumpy isn't too bothered, but Lily thinks it's the biggest, scariest thing she's even encountered!
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Abby does. Though, now after almost 9 years when I take it out I actually see her run off instead of a blur, LOL She kind of watches to see what I'm doing, and sometimes if I'm vacuuming on the otherside of the room, she is ok with it if she is on the otherside. But if I take it out and place it on the same side of the room as she is, she's gone!

Chynna on the other hand loves the vacuum. She actually chases me around when I have the vacuum out trying to get me to vacuum her with the upholstery brush. If I'm in the dining room she's on the table meowing at me and brushing up against me when I'm vacuuming the dining room chairs, or on the coffee table when I'm vacuuming the area rug in the living room. She wasn't always like that though. Years ago she always ran and hid too, then as she got older she stayed in the room and one day she let me vacuum her. Now she's addicted!

I think part of the reason Chynna likes the vacuum is because she's 15 years old and her hearing is less than what it used to be. However, she's loved this vacuum ever since I got it back in 2000. She didn't like my Sears Kenmore at all, lol
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That was a really funny video, great cinematography! Your cats' expressions were something else. I am going to save it and play it for my humans.

I choose 'other' because Mittens hates the vacume, she puts her ears back and
R U N S and Cassy likes the vacume, she likes it when her lazy mother cleans.
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Ack! I didn't see the link to the video! That's hysterical. At lease now we know what kitties dream about when they are growling and twitching in their sleep, lol
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Mine HATE that evil vaccume monster But one of the kitties at the shelter i work at actually loves our shop vac he'll roll over on his tummy for your to "vaccume" his belly- it's the weirdest thing!!!
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Charlie hates it! Now that he's an indoor kitty he can't run too far from it. But thyats because he had a previous owner at the age of 4 months old when we got him from the RSPCA. Loud noises are a no-no. We're building an enclosure over the next two weeks though, so he can get away from noisy plastic bags and things
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The kittens think the vacuum cleaner is a monster but the adults aren't afraid at all. They have all gotten used to it, they just think it's a loud visitor.
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I always feel guilty when I have to vacuum. The look of terror on Sydney's face breaks my heart Reilly always tries to protect her though..and will put himself inbetween her and the vacuum.
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Loved it! I love how they made that light they put on vaccums look so sinister. Know, I know what's for! Silly me, I thought it was to help you see what you're vaccuming...

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That is holarious

Mine vary between terror that makes them freeze and annoyance

Boomer freezes and will try to get under something nearby
Magnum hisses and runs, Bumper just runs
Scully keeps a close eye on it to make sure it doesn't get too close but if he is on a sofa etc will not move, if he is on the floor, he will wait until it comes close, smack it and run
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What a great video!!!

Maggie turns herself practically inside-out trying to run away from the vacuum. Lola will casually walk out of the room as I vacuum nearer to where she's sitting. Cleo will lay on the sofa and watch me vacuum, it doesn't bother her at all.
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I don't own a vacuum cleaner
(no carpets... so I just use a broom and a mop)

Kinah doesn't like the broom though.
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Pixel runs a mile when I start up the Dyson, but Boo will actually sit right next to it and watch me vacuum. He loves it when I do the sofas and will jump up on them to watch.
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Chevy loves to watch and will follow me. Summer will only watch when I go into the room she's in. She doesn't seek it out like Chevy. LOL Neither completely freak out, which is good.
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Much will just casually move somewhere else. Carly watches it suspiciously and will walk to another room. Poor Lucy (who also hates thunder) will go to the other human parent and sit very nervously beside that person (DH does most of the vacuuming so it is me she is near). She will sometimes just lean into me. Doesn't want to be held, just sit nearby.
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THat vid was laugh out loud funny - thank you for sharing!!!
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Nikita freaks out over quite alot of loud electrical or mechanical noises. The vacuum is an evil cat killing machine from her point of view. So is my door buzzer (she loves visitors though and wants to sniff and lick the face of everyone that comes inside), my alarm clock, cell phone and landline phone are also thing that will make her startled and run away.

The vacuum is the only one that makes her run away and hide though.
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I voted other because my kitties don't really think its evil they just think its annoying and loud.
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Well Scratch is odd and doesn't really have a problem with it. 8-Bit and Dr. Claw however hate it with a passion and run and hide.
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Chloe runs from it, while Iris follows it around.
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O, so embarrased!

Puff should have been in that video! I watched it again (till the very very ending) and saw the credits.

That's what I get for always being in a hurry.
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I had to answer other because:

Levi, Isaac & Maggie are terrified of the vacuum monster.
Jordan could care less. Sometimes I actually have to pick him up & move him out of my way (he's smart and fearless, a bad combination)
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Mika is OK as long as it doesn't get too close. Bijou just rolls around so I can vacuum all sides evenly and he particularly loves to be vacuumed under his chin and around the back of his ears.
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This is one thing my three boys are united it...their hatred of the evil, vile, cat-eating vacuum cleaning monster. All of the will run from it. I have to be very careful to make sure it doesn't sneak up on Forest...if it takes him by surprise, he'll jump up and go racing away, but with his coordination problem he slams himself into walls and furniture and doors in the process. (Once I didn't realize he was sleeping under the bed and I turned it on right near him...I almost scared the poor guy to death!)
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yup, Louie will run to the bedroom and LuckyGirl goes on top of the back of the couch & gives it dirty looks while I'm vaccuuming...
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I pull the vaccum out and you'd swear I didn't own even one cat! lol.
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Surprisingly, Bagheera, the oh-so-skittish one... is unaffected by the sweeper. Mighty Kahn runs and trembles. Noel looks at it with disdain and then meanders away when it gets really close.. depending on where she's sitting sometimes she won't even move. And the Marbled Menace hides and we don't see her for quite some time. We haven't run the vacuum for Pogue yet... he just arrived and bless his little trembling heart.. I don't want to give him a heart attack. He didn't seem to mind the blender too much, though.
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Mine hate the vaccum. They usually go and hide somewhere until I am finished. Jasmine is the only one brave enough to come out and chek it out and she gets p*ssed at it and trys to beat it up.
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