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BTW.... "shelly's dad" is my hubby!

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Gary logged on tonight after many years to express his appreciation for all the support I/we/he has/have gotten from TCS during some really difficult times these past few years.

It was his idea to run the "Name our firm" contest, and we got so many great ideas, he just had to log on to thank everyone. And then he decided that it wasn't just the people who participated in that thread that needed thanks.

Gary isn't an active member of TCS because he's just a little too direct when there are issues, but that doesn't detract in any way from the way he feels about what a wonderful community this is.

I just thought I'd share, and I'm glad he logged on himself to say what he felt.

to all!

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It was a very nice post. It is amazing how far both of you have come in your rescue efforts. I remember when you were trying to decde how to care for the strays around you during the cold winters. Y'all have done such a wonderful job.
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Without TCS, I don't know what we would have done! At least we thought to spay Booger before the kittens (from another mom) turned up and forced us into finding solutions to the situation in that RV park.

A quick laugh for y'all. Gary asked me to post for him and was going on an on, and I just got fed up, so I handed over my computer and told him to log in himself.

I forgot he'd been using my computer, and when I logged in this morning, I had a PM - someone had sent a gift. I wrote back - and then noticed all my PMs were missing! That's how I figured out I was still logged on as shelly's dad - but I freaked for a minute when I thought I'd lost all my communications with people!

He used my computer again tonight - but I remembered to log him out and log back on as myself.

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I'm glad to see that he has taken an interest to being ON TCS!!!!
Sorry about the mix up--though I do not regret it. you know me................I LOVE to give gifts.
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