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New pictures :)

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Surely it must be time for some new kitty
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relaxing together...
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Orion in mid
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Draco surfing the net...
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must be a net
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these two just love wrestling together!
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Draco gets the upper hand...
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lol...are they hugging?
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Smother time!
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another hug? lol
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Adorable pictures!!

Exactly what color is a Russian Blue's coat? I have noticed in some pictures Russian Blues seem to have a blueish tint to their coat and in other pictures their coat looks more silvery. BTW, your pictures are a good example of this variation.
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Most of the time they look silver but sometimes depending on light they can look blue. It varies between cats too. Orion's father Silver Phantom is very silver, so Orion has taken that characteristic from him.
You'll notice that in some pictures he looks really light and in others much darker. All depends on surrounding lighting I think.
Like this attached picture...he looks really light...
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Hee hee!! So cute!! and you should put that first pick in the Caption this Froum... its too funny!!
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Yay kitty wrestling, so cute They're great pictures!

Could I add them to my webpage? Pleeeeease?
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simply precious!!

more! more!
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Just beautiful, as always. Are you taking over for Leslie while she's sick as the photo queen? LOL We love them!! Never too many kitty kit pics!!!
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What adorable pictures!!!! Keep posting them!!
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Yep I think I've already submitted that one to the caption contest. If I haven't yet then I sure

Thanks Bunn Sure you can add whatever pictures you like to your yourself.

LOL thanks airprincess, valanhb and Debby. Don't worry I'll keep them coming
Yeah I thought seeing as Leslie isn't feeling so good then I'd help out with keeping everyone entertained with photos...hehe
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Thanx for letting me add them to my site. I'll set up a page for them now I'll post a link here later.
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I've uploaded the images to the site and you can see them at

Thanx again
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Oh they are so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing the pics!
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Beautiful kitties! Orion is such a pretty color. The wrestling/hugging pics look like my 2 when they play. I love to watch them, they are so funny!
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Beautiful pictures of such beautiful cats!
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Thanks Bunn...the page looks great!

Thanks everyone else and no problem about sharing the pictures. I will continue to do so for sure

Yep I agree it's really cute when they tumble around wrestling. I have so many photos of them doing this
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