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What To do ? should I get a new kitten/cat

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Hi all,
I have a beautiful 13 month old Bengal Simby and a wonderfull old
18 year old Siamese Taji.
I also have a 14 year old Bengal who is now living with my brother and his
family as an only cat.. I had to remome him .he is happy and I can still see him.

The problem is that the when I brought in the Kitten at 4 months old
the Siamese 18 accepted him...Although I thought The older bengal did also
as the kitten made him chase him ect..but he started spraying all over my house I tried everything inc..meds..
it got worse and worse he even went behind my head on a plastic sheet when I was sleeping.. Since being with my brother he is fine...
He did not miss a spot..
it took me months of throwing out and cleaning
I was shell shocked..

However, Now I am seeing my young bengal only wanting to play with me
or constantly being with the old 18 year old ..that sadly cannot play but loves him to peices..
But I see Simby gently trying to play with him..

I am feeling that Simby would probably love a playmate as he wants
to play and his tempermeant is lovely..he is a big mush!

I am thinking should I adopt a kitten/young cat...ect...
I am sure my old guy will not be a problem but I wonder if it is me
that thinks I should do this...I don't Know if the young bengal will spray
as he did not at 10 months old but he did see and smell the older bengal

Do you think I am making a mistake as I am feeling he might be so lonely
when and if Taji Passes on one day
as he is so playful but is getting lazy if I don't play with him I am Da Birded

I know Taji will not be with me forever and being 18 would it be
better to get a kitten now Or wait.Or never getting one I am so worried he will feel alone without a cat ..Fearing that seperation anxiety
would be worse.. And The spraying issue is in my mind..

I would appreciate any advice you all can give me

I really can't tell you enought how sweet both these cats are.
I have never seen a Bengal as sweet as he ..although I am sure
they are out there..
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If you do not mind me prying....are your babes fixed?

I guess, I worry about the age of your Siamese. Would it be very stressful to him or would he easily accpet a new kitty?
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That's a tough one...but if he likes your older cat, and you want a 3rd cat to take care of , it may be better to add another family member now while he is young and looking for a playmate... JMO, of course; there are many other people here who have more experience with male cats than me

Is he fixed? That will make a big difference in whether or not he starts marking- if he's not a show/breeding cat, that's the first thing you'll want to do to prevent spraying...
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Yes they are
The 18 year old accepted Simby in 2 days he was letting him lay with him
It was the older Bengal that was problem...as soon as Simby came he
he started spraying buy I did not realize it...just thought I smelled it
I know I am a dummy However, the old bengal was a foundation
bengal and had very strange cat..always he tried to mount the old
boy constanty for years ...so rehoming him with my family was the
best, move..specially for him.
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Since they are fixed & both seem to accept other cats, then I would nto be concerned about spraying. However, many cats will spray because of health issues such as a Urinary Tract Infection(Sorry if I'm stating the obvious!). I would think you could easily add another cat to the household.

Are you thinking about a purebred of a shelter kitty?
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Yes He is 6 months..could but decided not to show...
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At this point I would love another bengal kitten but really can't
swing it ..so a healthy kitty would be fine...

as long as it is healthy..however, Simby is 16 lbs solid
not huge but very strong boned however, gentle as a little lamb!
Because I re=homed my old bengal people seem to have a probem
he is fine.. he is with my brother..and loves it..
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I am more worried if Simby would spray over a new cat/kitten

as Simby is now 13 months old..con confused
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I know but that won't be his issue as he does not have or does the old
guy have any problem the older bengal was tested for everything
and he was fine dominace problem only
Trust me I have never seen a cat spray like this in my life
and now alone he is fine...I am so mad I love him..But He is better
off with my brothers family only pet now as there 2o year old border
died 4 months ago.

thank so much for your imput..If for me I would be fine
but I am worried about him growing up alone cat.being a bengal
I think he would like to play with someone ..but who knows about

..other then week hind quaters ect...he is otherwise ok..

I would never do anything to the old boy now at 18 he is an angel!
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Not being with Bengals myself, but always tabbies and torties... I'd say wait another month and the answer will become clear. A trick a friend did to find her answer was to buy a stuffed kitty and put it in the house...the younger one bonded to it and dragged it everywhere. For some reason she thought this was her anwer and she got another kitty for the youngster and the oldster was just peachy with the whole thing as long as he got TONS of luv.
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